Jessica Vaughan, Byron York, Sheriff Chuck Jenkins and Maria Espinoza on The Larry O’Connor Show 01.09.19

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President Donald Trump implores Americans to call Congress and ask for border security; ‘thousands’ more ‘will be lost’ to violence (Mass Live)

When asking whether a border wall can pay for itself, the key questions are the cost of each illegal immigrant, and the number of illegal crossers, vs. the cost of a wall. Making reasonable estimates of these factors allows us to calculate what share of future illegal border-crossers the wall would have to stop or deter from trying to enter in order for the wall to be cost-effective. This updated analysis indicates that to pay for the president’s $5 billion wall request, a wall would have to prevent about 60,000 crossings — or 3 to 4 percent of expected illegal crossers in the next decade. If we make much more conservative assumptions about both the cost of illegal immigrants and future flows, it still shows that a wall would have to stop or deter only a modest percentage of illegal crossings to pay for itself.

Trump walks out of border security meeting after Pelosi rejects wall pitch (Fox News)

President Trump walked out of a White House meeting with congressional leaders Wednesday afternoon over the partial government shutdown after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi again rejected supporting new funding for a border wall, according to those in the meeting.

Speaking to reporters after the brief session, New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer, the Senate minority leader, said the “president just got up and walked out.”

“He asked Speaker Pelosi, ‘will you agree to my wall?’ She said no. And he just got up, and said, ‘Well we’ve got nothing to discuss,'” Schumer said. [Read More]

Rod Rosenstein expected to leave the Justice Department in a matter of weeks (Washington Examiner)

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is expected to step down from his role in the Justice Department in the coming weeks.

A source confirmed to the Washington Examiner that Rosenstein always expected to serve for about two years and said he is likely to leave after attorney general nominee William Barr is confirmed by the Senate. [Read More]

Trump’s job: Convince nation there really is crisis at border (Washington Examiner)

Top White House officials were delighted last weekend when a Washington Post story, a reported piece from the paper’s immigration and national security reporter, said there is “a bona fide emergency on the [U.S.-Mexico] border” and that “record numbers of migrant families are streaming into the United States, overwhelming border agents and leaving holding cells dangerously overcrowded with children.”

That is precisely the point the administration has been trying to make lately. Could anyone in the White House have said it better? [Read More]



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