Seth Mandel, Eli Lake & Delegate Kathy Szeliga on The Larry O’Connor Show 03.07.19

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Watered down: Anti-Semitism resolution will also condemn Islamaphobia, police profiling, white supremacy (Washington Examiner)

A resolution condemning anti-Semitism that was aimed at rebuking Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., has been expanded and will also condemn Islamaphobia, white supremacy, anti-Catholicism, and racial profiling by the police.

The diluted resolution, once four pages long, is now seven pages according to a copy released Thursday afternoon.

The resolution does not name Omar, whose tweets sparked outrage from both Republicans and Democrats who said she was being anti-Semitic. Those tweets prompted Democrats to write the resolution, but Democrats worried about singling her out pushed for language that includes all hate speech. [Read More]

Maryland House of Delegates approves legalizing medically assisted suicide (The Baltimore Sun)

Following an intense and emotional debate that brought some lawmakers to tears, the Maryland House of Delegates approved a bill Thursday that would allow terminally ill adults to obtain prescription drugs they could take to end their lives.

It was the fourth attempt to pass the bill; it has failed in three other General Assembly sessions. Thursday’s vote was 74-66 — three votes more than the 71 votes required for passage. [Read more]

Ilhan Omar’s Anti-Israel Nativism Will Haunt Democrats (Bloomberg)

Representative Ilhan Omar has a lot of opinions about Israel and the Americans who support it. Where most members of Congress see a longstanding alliance, Omar sees a conspiracy.

It’s odd. Here is a Somali-American refugee success story, a woman who embodies the American ideal of citizenship not based on race, creed or religion. And yet, in barely two months in office, the Minnesota Democrat has repeatedly questioned the loyalty of Zionists. [Read More]

Maryland House approves medical aid in dying bill (The Washington Post)

The Maryland House of Delegates has approved a measure to allow the terminally ill to end their lives with a doctor’s help.

The House voted 74-66 for the bill Thursday. It now goes to the Senate.

The measure would allow adults to obtain a prescription for life-ending drugs, if a doctor finds they have six months or less to live. The physician must certify that the person has the capacity to make the decision, and the prescription can only be self-administered. [Read More]

Kids deserve privacy. As parents, we need to give it to them — online and IRL. (The Washington Post)

It was the night before my eighth-grade trip to Washington. I’d been looking forward to this trip for months, but it wouldn’t be the teenage years without a little humiliation. A mere 12 hours before I was scheduled to board the plane, I got my first period.

What my mother did next still bothers me. After tearfully handing me a box of pads, she retreated to her bedroom while I finished packing. I heard her muffled voice a while later and picked up the landline phone to find her and a friend deep in conversation about my first step into womanhood. I was overwhelmed with hurt and panic. Who else had she told? Did my grandparents know? My aunt? Oh God, had she called mydad? [Read More]

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