Sharyl Attkisson, Debbie D’Souza & Craig Shirley on The Larry O’Connor Show 03.11.19

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Misery grows for Venezuelans hit by power cuts (AP)

Venezuelans reached new levels of desperation Sunday as the country’s worst blackouts took their toll, gathering in larger numbers than usual at springs in the mountains of Caracas to collect water and scrounging for scarce cash to pay for food in the few shops that were open.

Engineers restored power in some places after electricity and communications shut down nationwide Thursday evening, but outages persisted in many areas where people are already beset by hyperinflation as well as shortages of food and medicine. [Read More]

Exclusive poll: Young Americans are embracing socialism (Axios)

Generation Z has a more positive view of the word “socialism” than previous generations, and — along with millennials — are more likely to embrace socialistic policies and principles than past generations, according to a new Harris Poll given exclusively to Axios. [Read More]


Iowa Poll: Not even in the race, Joe Biden leads herd of Democrats; Bernie Sanders close behind (Des Moise Register)

Joe Biden has yet to enter the 2020 presidential race — he’s been weighing the decision in a closely watched will-he-or-won’t-he saga — but the former vice president still leads the pack in Iowa.

According to a new Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom Iowa Poll of likely Democratic caucusgoers, 27 percent say Biden is their first choice for president. That’s down slightly from the 32 percent who said the same in December, but it tops the 19 other declared and potential candidates tested.   [Read More]

Sharyl Attkisson: Who Decides What News Is Fake News? (Real Clear Politics)

“Full Measure” host Sharyl Attkisson reports on efforts to improve “media literacy,” and asks whether groups whose goal is to expose media bias have their own biases.  [Read More]

Tired? It’s National Napping Day (NBC Philadelphia)

If you’re dying to catch some Z’s, Monday’s national “holiday” is for you.

March 11th is National Napping Day. The unofficial holiday falls (appropriately) the day after Daylight Saving Time this year.

While falling asleep at work or school is never a good idea, you can rest assured in the fact that people across social media are also struggling with the time change. [Read More]

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