Maryland Delegate Proposes Legislation That Would Strengthen Maryland Law Enforcement’s Ties With ICE

Juan Herrera

WASHINGTON (WMAL) – Maryland Delegate Kathy Szeliga has introduced legislation that would require state and local law enforcement to turn over illegal immigrants who have been convicted of a crime to homeland security if asked.

On Tuesday, the state delegate held a press conference to discuss her legislation that is being referred to as House Bill 817, the Keep Our Communities Safe Act of 2019.

During the conference, Szeliga was joined by Angel Widow Marla Wolff and Angel Mother Arlene Cohen. According to a statement released by Szeliga, Angel Families is a national organization of relatives of victims killed by illegal immigrants.

The statement from Szeliga’s office mentioned that Wolff’s husband, Carlos Wolff, was killed in a car accident on I-270 involving Garza Palacios, who had a previous citation for negligent driving and was in the country illegally. It later mentions that Palacios was only given a $280 citation for this accident involving two deaths.

“Common sense, polling, and law enforcement tell us that every law enforcement agency in Maryland should work with ICE when it comes to criminal illegal aliens,” Delegate Szeliga said in a statement released by her office. “Public safety is not a Democrat or Republican issue, it’s a people issue. We should stop increasing the number of Angel Families and keep our communities safe by passing HB 817.”

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