Larry O’Connor’s Radar Report 03.13.19

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Transcript of Lisa Page’s testimony to House panel revealed (The Washington Times)

Rep. Doug Collins on Tuesday released a 370-page transcript of a deposition that former FBI attorney Lisa Page gave to Congress in July.

Ms. Page drew scrutiny from President Trump and his allies last year for thousands of text messages she exchanged with FBI agent Peter Strzok lambasting the president.

She was also briefly part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s team investigating allegations of collusion between Mr. Trump’s campaign and Russia. [Read More]

Pelosi pledges to block Senate scheme to keep GOP united behind Trump wall funding grab (Washington Examiner)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she’ll block an effort by Senate Republicans to reform the National Emergencies Act in exchange for their support of President Trump’s wall funding grab.

“Republican Senators are proposing new legislation to allow the president to violate the Constitution just this once in order to give themselves cover,” Pelosi, D-Calif., said Wednesday. “The House will not take up this legislation to give President Trump a pass.” [Read More]

The Celebrity College Admissions Scheme Hurt Good Kids The Most (The Federalist)

This month, millions of high school seniors will open emails and envelopes to find out if they were accepted to the colleges of their choice. Thanks to Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin, and others who allegedly participated in admissions fraud, these college seniors will all wonder if they truly got a fair hearing before the admissions board.

Huffman, Loughlin, and dozens of others are accused of knowingly paying tens of thousands of dollars to a sham charity run by William Rick Singer, who then apparently used the money to bribe admissions test administrators and college sports coaches. The fraud involved bribing test proctors to “help” specific students or having someone else take the SAT in a student’s place, as well as pasting the faces of these kids onto photos of people playing sports. According to U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling, Singer’s sham foundation received $25 million to get the children of wealthy parents into schools like Stanford, Georgetown, Yale, the University of Southern California, and the University of Texas. [Read More]

Leno laments today’s late-night shows: ‘Everyone has to know your politics’ (The Hill)

Former NBC “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno said Tuesday that he doesn’t miss hosting a late-night show and lamented that “everyone has to know your politics” now during an interview with NBC’s Al Roker.

“Do you miss being on the show, or is it such a different time that it would be hard to do?” “Today” host Roker asked Leno. [Read More]

DC Councilmember Jack Evans apologizes to colleagues in private meeting amid ethics probe (FOX 5 DC)

DC Councilmember Jack Evans, who is under federal investigation in a widening ethics probe, used a private meeting with his fellow councilmembers to apologize Tuesday.

Some of the councilmembers FOX 5 talked to declined to give specifics about the meeting but Ward 4 councilmember Brendan Todd said Evans was there to say he was sorry. [Read More]

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