LISTEN: MD HOUSE MINORITY WHIP KATHY SZELIGA Discussed Her Push To Hand Over Illegal Immigrants In MD Jails To Federal Officials

INTERVIEW – MARYLAND HOUSE MINORITY WHIP AND MD DELEGATE KATHY SZELIGA – Member of the Maryland House of Delegates from the 7th district (representing Baltimore and Harford County, Maryland)

  • Md. lawmakers push prison immigration bill. A Maryland lawmaker says it’s time to require every state and local jail to hand over immigrants who are in the country illegally to federal officials. Maryland Delegate Kathy Szeliga, a Republican whose district includes Harford and Baltimore counties, wants her colleagues to pass House Bill 817. She calls it a very simple bill. “The bill simply says that, if asked, local law enforcement will turn a criminal alien over to Homeland Security,” Szeliga said.



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