Five Fairfax County middle and high school students face child pornography charges

Heather Curtis

WASHINGTON (WMAL) – They’re only kids themselves, but some middle and high schoolers in Fairfax County are charged with possession of child pornography.

Feb. 13 two girls from Robinson High School told a school administrator they found nude images of themselves on an anonymous Snapchat account. The school resource officer contacted the Fairfax County Police Department’s Child Exploitation Unit. After a lengthy investigation, five boys were charged as juveniles with a total of nine felony counts of possession of child pornography and one felony count of unlawful filming.

The victims attend West Springfield High School, Lake Braddock High School, Robinson High School and South County High School. The boys facing charges are students at Robinson Secondary School, Lake Braddock Secondary School and W.T. Woodson High School.

Lt. Christopher Sharp said some of the victims have been identified and notified, but they are trying to figure out the names of the other victims. He believes the boys and two girls knew each other.

“There are a lot of times where the students believe that just because they’re all of age and they’re sharing photos with themselves that it’s not against the law, but it actually is,” Sharp said.

Sharp said anyone who gets unsolicited sexting messages should call police.

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