LISTEN: REP. DOUG COLLINS: You Have A House Judiciary Chair Holding The Attorney General In Contempt For Following The Regulations. It’s Baffling.

INTERVIEW – REP. DOUG COLLINS – (R-GA) – a Republican ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee @RepDougCollins – shared his thoughts on the AG Barr contempt vote, endless subpoenas, calls for impeachment and how House Democrats won’t give up on the narrative despite the release of the Mueller Report.  

  • Rep. Doug Collins: By voting to hold Barr in contempt, Dems defy logic and precedent. (By Rep. Doug Collins | Fox News) — The partisan slog continued Wednesday, as House Judiciary Committee Democrats passed a resolution to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress. Last week I urged Democrats who serve with me on the committee to respect the history and traditions of our committee and conduct its business accordingly. Instead, Committee Democrats passed their contempt resolution. Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., said he expects that resolution to get a full House vote soon. What justification can Democrats offer for holding Attorney General Barr in contempt of Congress? Perhaps it’s that Barr failed to abide by the regulations dealing with Special Counsel Robert Mueller? No, that can’t be, because Barr went above and beyond what the regulations required by transmitting the full Mueller report to Congress, with very limited redactions. Could it be that the attorney general failed to accommodate the demands for information from Chairman Nadler? No, Barr offered to let Democratic leaders review a less-redacted report, including a 99.9 percent unredacted volume on obstruction of justice. In an odd move for anyone demanding access to information, Nadler – and every other elected Democrat given access – has declined to view that report. Moreover, the chairman admitted Wednesday that the attorney general can’t legally release the unredacted report or underlying documents, as the subpoena commands. Nadler said in January that a subpoena is “a powerful and coercive tool” to be used “only when our attempts to reach an accommodation with the witness have reached an impasse.” At Wednesday’s business meeting, though, Nadler claimed the subpoena is simply “the beginning of a dialogue.” But so far the Justice Department has been at the negotiating table by itself.  LINK:


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