Chris Stigall Fills-In On The Larry O’Connor Show 06.07.19

Happen to miss The Larry O’Connor Show today? Recap today’s program by checking out topics from the program below:

Why The IG Report On FISA Abuse Will Unleash Barr’s Investigation Of Spygate (The Federalist)

The forthcoming report from the Office of Inspector General on potential Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuse will finally unleash Attorney General William Barr, and when it does, watch out.

For the last month, conservative pundits have predicted the ever-imminent dropping of Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on his investigation into the circumstances surrounding FISA surveillance of former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page. Horowitz’s report will likely provide new and damaging details surrounding the FBI’s use of the FISA court to spy on Page. More importantly, the conclusion of Horowitz’s probe frees Barr to conduct a broader and more exacting investigation into all aspects of the Russia collusion hoax. [Read More]

US adds 75,000 jobs in May, far less than expected amid heightened trade uncertainty (FOX Business)

The U.S. added a less-than-expected 75,000 jobs Opens a New Window. in May, indicating Opens a New Window. that trade tensions Opens a New Window. with China and Mexico could be weighing on employers as concerns over an economic slowdown Opens a New Window. persist.

Experts predicted an increase of 185,000 jobs last month.

The number of positions the U.S. added in April dropped to 224,000, down from a previously forecasted 263,000, according to revised data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. March employment gains were also corrected down to 153,000. [Read More]


LGBTQ, Jewish and feminist organizations called Wednesday night on the DC Dyke March to apologize for their ban on the Jewish Star of David and Israeli flags.

While there was originally no official announcement, after participants inquired, they discovered that they would not be able to bring Israeli flags or related national symbols to the march. Organizers later wrote on Facebook that, “participants [may] not bring pro-Israel paraphernalia.” [Read More]

Trump’s signature at top of D-Day proclamation raises eyebrows (The Hill)

Several world leaders commemorated the 75th anniversary of D-Day Thursday by signing a symbolic proclamation, but President Trump’s signature looked slightly different than those of other officials.

While every other political leader, including French President Emanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, signed their names at the bottom of the document, Trump chose to ink his signature in the top corner.

The move raised some eyebrows on social media. [Read More]

Why I don’t believe polls showing Trump behind in midwestern states (The Week)

New Hampshire? Enjoy all four of its electoral votes. Whatever President Trump’s campaign suggests to the contrary, the result of the 2020 presidential election will probably come down to the same handful of states that decided it in 2016: Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

A new poll conducted by the right-leaning Detroit News and a local NBC affiliate shows both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders beating Trump in Michigan by 12 percent. Many of his critics are celebrating the result; others are already declaring the race there effectively over and indulging in speculation about other paths to victories for the bad orange man. I’m not sure this is warranted. [Read More]



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