Mornings on the Mall 06.24.19 / Joe diGenova, Chuck Thies, Diamond & Silk, and Mark Krikorian


Joe diGenova, DC political analyst Chuck Thies, Diamond & Silk, and Mark Krikorian joined WMAL on Monday!

Mornings on the Mall

Monday, June 24, 2019

Hosts: Mary Walter and Vince Coglianese

Executive Producer: Heather Hunter


5am – A/B/C President Trump’s Handling of Iran and Border

5am – D         Justin Fairfax ‘seriously’ considering a run for governor, says sexual abuse scandal raised his profile. Embattled Virginia Lt. Gov Justin Fairfax is “seriously” mulling a run for the commonwealth’s highest office and suggested that the multiple sexual misconduct allegations have helped raise his profile. Fairfax told the Richmond Times-Dispatch that he felt “really inspired” after his recent trip to England than he was “very hopeful about the future.” “Going on that trip and even leaving that trip, I was really inspired,” Fairfax said. “I’m very hopeful about the future. We’ve gotten a lot of encouragement about future political steps. I’m thinking very seriously about 2021.” 

5am – E         A third of women only date men because of the free food: study (NY Post) — The results are in: she only wanted to try that hot new restaurant.

A new study published Friday in the Society for Personality and Social Psychology journal found that a quarter to a third of heterosexual women have gone on a date with a guy they weren’t interested in — just for a free meal. “Foodie calls,” can happen when money’s tight, the grocery store is out of a favorite frozen meal, or a must-try entree is just too extravagant to justify — when the tab comes out of your own bank account.Two studies, the first conducted with 820 women, and the second with 327, asked participants if they ever engaged in a plate for play: 23% of the women copped to it in the first study, 33% in the second. The researchers — Brian Collisson, Jennifer Howell, and Trista Harig of Azusa Pacific University and UC Merced — also noted that the woman who felt dating for food was socially acceptable were more likely to exhibit the “dark triad” of personality traits. That’s “psychopathy, Machiavellianism, and narcissism” for those without a PhD in psych. In addition to egotism (with a side of truffled mashed potatoes to-go) Collisson said foodie callers are more likely to engage in “one-night stands, faking an orgasm, or sending unsolicited sexual pictures.” And with climbing rents, and an ever-expanding list of restos to try, New York might well be teeming with foodie calls. One East Villager, Olivia Balsinger, was treated to a five-course meal at the see-and-be-seen seafood joint Catch in the Meatpacking District.


  • President Trump on E. Jean Carroll: “It’s a totally false accusation. I have absolutely no idea who she is.”
  • E. Jean Carroll: “Trump attacked me in the dressing room of Bergdorf Goodman.” (NY Mag) — The cover story New York published today details an encounter the writer E. Jean Carroll had over two decades ago with Donald J. Trump, in which the then–real-estate mogul allegedly assaulted her in a dressing room of the Bergdorf Goodman department store in midtown Manhattan. The episode is one of six incidents Carroll details in the article of attacks on her by men over the course of her life. Another episode involves the disgraced former CEO of CBS, Les Moonves. The cover story is an excerpt from her newest book, What Do We Need Men For? A Modest Proposal, which will be published on July 2 by St. Martin’s Press. When Carroll meets Donald Trump in Bergdorf Goodman, the encounter starts as a friendly one. Trump recognizes her as “that advice lady”; Carroll recognizes him as “that real-estate tycoon.” Trump tells Carroll that he’s there to buy a gift for “a girl,” and though we don’t learn the identity of this mystery woman, Carroll places the ensuing incident in late 1995 or early 1996, during which time Trump was married to Marla Maples. When Trump asks Carroll to advise him on what to buy, she agrees, and the two eventually make their way to the lingerie section. Trump suggests a lace bodysuit and encourages Carroll to try it on; she, deflecting, jokingly suggests that he try it on instead. After they reach the dressing rooms, events turn violent. In Carroll’s account, Trump shoves her against a wall inside a dressing room, pulls down her tights, and, “forcing his fingers around my private area, thrusts his penis halfway — or completely, I’m not certain — inside me.” Carroll, 75, is a venerated Elle advice columnist. At the time of the attack, she was well known in her own right. A frequent feature writer for magazines like Playboy and Esquire, she had her own television show on America’s Talking, the precursor to MSNBC. Trump had his own record. By the time of his alleged assault on Carroll, Trump’s ex-wife, Ivana, had already claimed that Trump violated her during their marriage. (Ivana recanted the claim after Trump launched his campaign for the presidency.) Further news reports, published in 2016, place at least four other alleged sexual-assault claims, made by Kristin Anderson, Jill Harth, Cathy Heller, and Temple Taggart McDowell, in the years before and during the time period of Carroll’s account.

6am – B/C     Bernie will propose eliminating all student loan debt — $1.6 trillion worth. (Washington Post) — Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will propose on Monday eliminating all $1.6 trillion of student debt held in the United States, a significant escalation of the policy fight in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary two days before the candidates’ first debate in Miami. Sanders is proposing the federal government pay to wipe clean the student debt held by 45 million Americans — including all private and graduate school debt — as part of a package that also would make public universities, community colleges and trade schools tuition-free. Sanders is proposing to pay for these plans with a tax on Wall Street his campaign says will raise more than $2 trillion over 10 years, though some tax experts give lower revenue estimates. Sanders will be joined Monday by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), who will introduce legislation in the House to eliminate all student debt in the United States, as well as Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, who has championed legislation to make public universities tuition-free.


  • President Trump has delayed plans for nationwide raids to deport undocumented migrants set to begin today.  But he threatened to have Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents resume them in two weeks if lawmakers on Capitol Hill do not reach an agreement on asylum policy and other immigration issues.  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi reportedly called on Friday night and urged the President to stop the operation.
  • Trump delays planned ICE raids to see if Congress can solve border crisis: Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump At the request of Democrats, I have delayed the Illegal Immigration Removal Process (Deportation) for two weeks to see if the Democrats and Republicans can get together and work out a solution to the Asylum and Loophole problems at the Southern Border. If not, Deportations start! 11:56 AM – 22 Jun 2019 
  • Center for Immigration Studies ‏ @CIS_org Jun 22 Internal enforcement should never be a bargaining chip, but a staple of legitimate immigration enforcement.
  • Pelosi Announces Border Supplemental Bill That Won’t Fund Trump’s Policies. WASHINGTON—House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Sunday a border supplemental bill will be introduced in the lower chamber this week to provide funding relief to the humanitarian crisis on the southern border. Pelosi was quick to mention that the bill would not fund the Trump administration’s policy of mass detention. “This week, the House will advance strong border legislation, which protects vulnerable children and keeps America safe as it honors our values. Congress continues to insist that families belong together and for immigrant communities to know their rights,” Pelosi said in a statement. According to Pelosi, the legislation “provides urgently-needed humanitarian assistance for families, including funding for food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and legal assistance, and will relieve the horrific situation of over-crowding and help prevent additional deaths.”
  • Pelosi Pushes Trump for Amnesty, ‘Immigration Reform’ | Breitbart. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded to President Donald Trump’s decision to delay the deportations of a few hundred recent illegal migrants by asking for a nationwide amnesty for millions of migrants living in the United States. “Mr. President, delay is welcome,” she tweeted, adding, “Time is needed for comprehensive immigration reform.”
  • Tom Homan Accuses Acting DHS Sec. McAleenan of ‘Resisting’ ICE Raids: You’ve got acting Secretary of Homeland Security [Kevin McAleenan] resisting what ICE is trying to do. Appearing Saturday on Fox & Friends, former Acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Thomas Homan accused Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Kevin McAleenan of “resisting” the agency’s planned raids targeting illegal aliens.

6am – E         Former Rep. Joe Sestak, a Navy veteran who twice ran unsuccessfully for a Senate seat in Pennsylvania, is now the 25th entrant into the Democratic presidential primary. In a Saturday announcement on his campaign website, Sestak, 67, said he wants to be a president “who serves the American people the way they deserve to be served.” “What Americans most want today is someone who is accountable to them, above self, above party, above any special interest … a President who has the depth of global experience to restore America’s leadership in the world to protect our American Dream at home … and one who is trusted to restructure policies where too many see only the growth of inequity not of the economy,” he said. Noting that “while my announcement may be later than others for the honor of seeking the Presidency,” his decision to delay his entrance into the race was so he could “be there” with his daughter, whose brain cancer had returned within the past year. In the release, Sestak highlighted his military service — he was a three-star admiral — and said the “hour has become late to restore U.S. global leadership that convenes the world for two primary objectives that serve our collective well-being here at home: putting a brake on climate change and putting an end to an illiberal world order’s injustices, from China’s control of the 5G network to Russian interference in democratic elections.”

  • Running for President? Yang Ryan Biden Inslee Harris Gravel Castro Sestak — *new* Booker Bennet Warren Bullock Delaney Moulton Sanders Messam Swalwell Gabbard Buttigieg de Blasio O’Rourke Gillibrand Klobuchar Williamson Hickenlooper
  • Dave Weigel @daveweigel Joe Sestak, a former congressman from Pennsylvania who lost Senate bids in 2010 and 2016, is now running for president. I am serious. He’s in Iowa today.

6am – F         AntiFa Targets Tucker Carlson’s Home In D.C. Poster Campaign. (Human Events) — The far-left activist group AntiFa has put up a series of posters identifying Tucker Carlson’s home address with a call to rally against him, alongside posters of other right-wing personalities. AntiFa activists in Washington D.C. have put up posters with the home address of Tucker Carlson’s family. In an effort to “oppose the Alt-Right,” a group called All Out DC has been pasting posters all around the nation’s capital to call upon like-minded activists to rally against the Fox News host. The posters feature Carlson’s face blocked out by the AntiFa three-arrow symbol, his home address, the words “Block the Alt-Right,” and a description of Carlson as an “Influencer,” which reads: Racist with a huge following and platform, uses it to promote racist dogwhistles. Carlson is not the only person being targeted by All Out DC. The group also made posters of OANN host Jack Posobiec and Proud Boy founder Gavin McInnes, which it posted alongside stenciled graffiti of U.S. representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar. The Fox News host wasn’t the only figure whose home address was written on the posters. All Out DC also doxed U.S. government official Stephen Miller.

7am – A         INTERVIEW – JOE DIGENOVA – Legal analyst and former US Attorney to the District of Columbia

  • SCOTUS: The U.S. Supreme Court is approaching the end of its current term and is due to issue rulings in the coming days in major cases including the Trump administration’s bid to add a contentious citizenship question to the 2020 census and efforts by voters to curb the partisan manipulation of electoral district boundaries. Supreme Court set to deliver ruling on Trump census citizenship question.
  • Schiff lays out path for supporting Trump impeachment proceedings
  • Trey Gowdy: Mystery FBI Transcript ‘Actually Changed My Perspective’ Of Russia Probe

7am – B/C     Elizabeth Warren Celebrates Her Birthday…With Planned Parenthood. (MRCTV) — Elizabeth Warren must have skipped the class on “irony” in her reservation’s 8th grade English class. The Massachusetts senator and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate can be seen in a short video of herself over the weekend celebrating her birthday…with Planned Parenthood workers. The video shows Warren surrounded by Planned Parenthood officials including Planned Parenthood Action’s National Political Director Yasmin Radjy and PP President Leana Wen, who openly advocates for abortion all the way through the third trimester and supports using taxpayer funds to do it. “What better way to celebrate my birthday than right here with Planned Parenthood?” Warren declares in the video. She then followed up with a thank-you tweet to the abortion giant.

7am – D        INTERVIEW — CHUCK THIES – DC Political Analyst – discussed the #DONTMUTE DC Go-Go movement and the scandals of Jack Evans.

  • Regina Hall brought go-go to the #BETAwards with a Beyoncé-inspired #Moechella performance. Regina Hall should’ve hosted the BET Awards a long time ago. The actress kicked off the 2019 award show by showing serious love for her hometown of Washington, D.C., with a performance inspired by Beyoncé’s Netflix film, “Homecoming.” The 202 native honored her hometown with “Homegrown,” a parody of Bey’s film. In a clip aired at the top of the live show, Hall jokingly orders around a band and dancers, tests them on their knowledge of the Chocolate City and flashes inspirational quotes from notable D.C. figures, including Mayor for Life Marion Barry and Blac Chyna.  “When BET asked me to host this year’s BET Awards, I immediately thought ‘no,’” Hall jokes in the clip. “Then I thought about it. Why not? It would be a chance for me to teach people, especially the younger generations, about Washington, D.C. The Washington, D.C., I grew up in.” She even includes “sardines and pork and beans” (a nod to the Junkyard Band’s hit song) in her pre-show prayer at the end of the clip.
  • FBI raids home of DC Council member as part of federal grand jury investigation. FBI agents raided the home of D.C. councilman Jack Evans (D) on Friday, a day after a confidential memo made public alleged that Evans “knowingly” violated ethics rules to benefit his friends and clients instead of serving the interests of Washington’s transit agency, Metro. The Washington Post reported Friday that FBI agents raided Evans’s Georgetown home early in the morning, instructing Evans to wait outside in a car while they conducted a search. Kadia Koroma, a spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney’s office for the District confirmed the “court-authorized law enforcement activity” at Evans’s house in a statement to the Post. Samantha Shero, a spokeswoman for the FBI’s Washington Field Office, declined to offer further comment on the activity to the paper.
  • Jack Evans to resign from Metro Board after ethics violation. Metro Board Chairman Jack Evans has released a letter outlining plans to resign from the board next week, now that he has acknowledged helping a parking company he was working for without disclosing the relationship. Evans faced a flurry of new calls to leave the board earlier Thursday after a memo became public late Wednesday that detailed the deal that led to Evans agreeing not to seek another term as Metro Board chairman and to update years of disclosure forms after the Metro Board’s Ethics Committee found he violated conflict of interest rules. An outside law firm’s review found multiple violations, but the committee only supported one of them. Still, Evans had denied any action had been taken at all until the memo became public. The Metro Board did not have the power to remove Evans, even if members had wanted to. That decision would have been up to the D.C. Council. The council reprimanded Evans earlier this year but allowed him to continue on the Metro Board and as Finance Committee chair.

7am – E         Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg was heckled, booed and screamed at during a meeting about a fatal police shooting in South Bend, Indiana, where he is mayor (Reuters) —  SOUTH BEND, Indiana (Reuters) – Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg on Sunday faced growing fallout over a fatal police shooting in South Bend, an incident that has exposed simmering racial tensions in the Indiana city where he is mayor and which is complicating his presidential ambitions. Buttigieg answered questions at a frequently raucous and angry meeting with South Bend residents in which he was heckled, booed and screamed at by a minority of audience members. He admitted efforts to make the city’s police force more diverse had failed, “and I take responsibility for that.” Buttigieg appeared a week after the fatal shooting of a black man, Eric Logan, by a white police officer exposed longstanding accusations among many African Americans in South Bend that elements within the city’s predominately white police force are racist. The mayor, who is white, has been struggling to attract support for his presidential bid among black voters, a vital constituency in a Democratic nominating contest. The police shooting has laid bare anger among many in South Bend’s black community, not just about police conduct, but a belief that many African American neighborhoods have been left behind while Buttigieg has revitalized more affluent, whiter areas. Speaking to reporters after the meeting, a clearly emotional Buttigieg said anger and frustration over race relations in the city had been “hurled” at him.


8am – A         DIAMOND AND SILK — hosts of a new weekly “Fox Nation” series @DiamondandSilk – discussed the growing Democratic field for 2020.

  • What they make of NOW 25 DEMS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT… Former Rep. Joe Sestak is now the 25th entrant into the Democratic presidential primary.
  • Democratic presidential candidates will face off on Wednesday in their first debate.
  • BLACK LIVES MATTER PROTESTORS CONFRONT MAYOR PETE AND HE DOESN’T SEEM TO BE READY FOR PRIMETIME: Mayor Pete Buttigieg: “I do not have evidence that there has been discipline for racist behavior…” Protester: “You running for president and you expect black people to vote for you?” Buttigieg: “I’m not asking for your vote.” Protester: “You ain’t gonna get it either.”


  • CHUCK TODD GETS WHINY WITH TRUMP ABOUT KIDS ON THE BORDER: DO SOMETHING!  “Why aren’t you doing something?”  Chuck Todd  talking about the border camps. “The conditions are terrible.” Trump says “I agree.” Todd: “Do something. Do something!” r> chuck todd do something.wav
  • CHUCK TODD: If you could do one DO-OVER what would it be? Trump: “I would say if I had one do-over, it would be, I would not have appointed Jeff Sessions to be attorney general.”  Chuck Todd: “That’s your, in your mind, that’s your worst mistake?” “Yeah, that was the biggest mistake.”

8am – D         INTERVIEW – MARK KRIKORIAN – Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS)

  • President Trump has delayed plans for nationwide raids to deport undocumented migrants set to begin today.  But he threatened to have Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents resume them in two weeks if lawmakers on Capitol Hill do not reach an agreement on asylum policy and other immigration issues.  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi reportedly called on Friday night and urged the President to stop the operation.
  • Tom Homan Accuses Acting DHS Sec. McAleenan of ‘Resisting’ ICE Raids: You’ve got acting Secretary of Homeland Security [Kevin McAleenan] resisting what ICE is trying to do. Appearing Saturday on Fox & Friends, former Acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Thomas Homan accused Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Kevin McAleenan of “resisting” the agency’s planned raids targeting illegal aliens.



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