Former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan, Julie Kelly, Kira Davis & Raynard Jackson on The Larry O’Connor Show 10.08.19

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Ellen Degeneres’ Plea For Civility Is The Daily Reality Of Non-Progressives Like Me (RedState)

Ellen DeGeneres found herself in a bit of hot water when she recently deigned to be photographed sitting next to George and Laura Bush and *gasp* enjoying herself.

Ellen is being hailed for her “open-minded” plea for civility, as if the rest of us haven’t been living our lives like this every single day. I live in California. My friend pointed out that Ellen’s “revelation” is just everyday life for those of us here who don’t identify as rabidly progressive. [Read More]

DC Council Mulls Tax on Drinks With Natural Sweeteners (NBC Washington)

D.C. lawmakers are considering a tax on sugary drinks containing “natural common sweeteners.”

The bill, proposed Monday by council member Brianne Nadeau, would levy a 1.5 cent-per-ounce excise tax on sweet drinks such as Gatorade, sweetened iced coffee and orange juice with added sugar, the Washington Post reports. It wouldn’t apply to alcohol, milk, all-natural juices or drinks with artificial sweeteners, such as diet soda. The Post notes this would be one of the highest taxes on sugary drinks in the nation. [Read More]

D.C. Council to weigh bill escalating fight against cooperation with ICE (Washington Times)

The D.C. Council will consider emergency legislation on Tuesday prohibiting city agencies from cooperating with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers without a warrant, an escalation of the clash with the Trump administration that Chairman Phil Mendelson said was consistent with the city’s approach “toward the federal government’s inability to deal with immigration.”

“The position of this government has been and continues to be that where there’s a criminal warrant, … then the [D.C.] government should respond, but on matters of civil detainers or requests by ICE, we are not going to implicate our law enforcement system,” said Mr. Mendelson, at-large Democrat, at a press briefing Monday. “It has the consequence of discouraging people from being involved in the law enforcement system.” [Read More]

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver wants to meet with China officials to discuss ‘context’ of Hong Kong protest tweet (CNBC)

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said he hopes to meet with Chinese officials this week when he travels to Shanghai for Thursday night’s game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets — after a tweet from one of the league’s executives ignited an international firestorm. [Read More]

Time To Reassess CrowdStrike’s Credibility (American Greatness)

Days before the Senate voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh last year, a former FBI assistant director appeared on MSNBC to suggest the Supreme Court nominee had a major credibility problem. “This is not…an investigation about the sexual allegations, I think it really has moved toward credibility,” Shawn Henry, an NBC News analyst, told Nicolle Wallace on October 1, 2018. “At this point now, there are very clear allegations, and subsequent to the judge’s testimony, people have come out who appear to be credible who…appear to be contradicting his testimony sworn before the United States Senate.” [Read More]

Did James Clapper Just Admit President Obama Directed Him to Go After the Trump Campaign? (Townhall)

As U.S. Attorney John Durham continues his criminal investigation into the origins of the government’s targeting of the 2016 Trump campaign, former Obama administration intelligence officials are denying any wrong doing and justifying their actions.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is arguing he was concerned about the Russians interfering in the election, which is why his agency gathered “information.” During a recent interview with CNN, Clapper admitted he was simply following orders from the “commander-in-chief,” who had ordered intelligence agencies to do so.  [Read More]

Supreme Court clashes over meaning of ‘sex’ in LGBT discrimination cases (CNBC)

The justices of the Supreme Court clashed over the meaning of “sex” in heated oral arguments on Tuesday for a blockbuster set of cases concerning the rights of LGBT workers.

The court heard the cases of three LGBT employees, two gay men and a transgender woman, who claim they were fired because of their identities. At issue was the meaning of Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act, which forbids discrimination because of “sex” but does not specifically refer to gender identity or sexual orientation. [Read More]


Jeff Daniels and Brendan Gleeson to play James Comey and Donald Trump in miniseries (CNN)

CBS Studios has filled some key roles in its miniseries based on former FBI director James Comey’s memoir “A Higher Loyalty.”

Jeff Daniels has been cast as Comey, while “Harry Potter” actor Brendan Gleeson will play President Donald Trump in the four-hour series, CBS Studios announced Monday.
Additionally, “House of Cards” alum Michael Kelly will take on the role of FBI Director Andrew McCabe and Tony-winning actress Jennifer Ehle will play Patrice Comey, James Comey’s wife. [Read More]


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