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Venezuelans Are Paying 5,000,000 Bolivars For Tomatoes Because….Socialism

If you need any help understanding hyperinflation in Venezuela, then the pictures in the article below should help you. “Although with a 3,000 per cent rise in the minimum wage and inflation set to reach 1,000,000 per cent by the end of the year, chances are that the pictures are already out of date. The…MORE

Maxine Waters

Package Addressed to “Anne Thrax” Sent to Maxine Waters’ Office

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters’ Los Angeles office was evacuated Tuesday after it received a suspicious package addressed to “Anne Thrax,” a play on the word anthrax. A police update said only the affected parts of two-story building where Waters’ office is located were evacuated. Police also said that no one was injured in the incident. To read more…MORE

Rep. Devin Nunes

Byron York Says FISA Warrant Application Supports Nunes Memo

Byron York released an excellent piece in the Washington Examiner breaking down the Nunes memo and comparing it to the FISA warrant application. “The weekend release of a highly-redacted version of the FBI’s application for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant to wiretap onetime Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page has renewed the argument over…MORE

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