Investigation of Annapolis Mansion Fire Delayed for Baltimore Arson Cases

annapolis fire

Alex Beall

ANNAPOLIS (WMAL) — The investigation into an Annapolis mansion fire that killed six people has been delayed months because federal agents have had to spend so much time on arson fires from the Baltimore riots.

Federal investigators expected to release the report on the January fire at a water-front mansion in May, reported the Baltimore Sun.

But the report has been delayed at least two months as agents have been busy gathering news footage from the Baltimore unrest and investigating related arsons, including that of a CVS pharmacy.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives continues looking into how a 15-foot Christmas tree caught fire before engulfing the 16,000-square-foot home.

The fire killed the home’s owners, Don Pyle, 56, and Sandra Pyle, 63, and their four grandchildren, Lexi, 8, Katie, 7, Charlotte, 8, and Wes Boone, 6.

Investigators stand by their earlier findings: an electrical failure ignited the tree while the family was asleep and spread too quickly to allow the family to escape.

Agents test-burned other 15-foot Fraser firs in March as part of the investigation.

ATF investigations usually focus on arsons, but due to the size of the Annapolis fire, the investigation required federal help.

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