More People Could Face Charges in 1975 Disappearance of Lyon Sisters


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WASHINGTON — (WMAL) Lloyd Lee Michael Welch Jr. was indicted on two counts of felony murder for allegedly abducting 10-year-old Katherine Lyon and 12-year-old Sheila Lyon from the Wheaton Plaza Shopping Center in 1975 and then killing them.

With Welch charged Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown said at a press conference Thursday the investigation will focus on identifying anyone else involved in the heinous crime.

“Any of those who were involved in a concert of action who aided Lloyd Welch, who abetted Lloyd Welch also could have criminal culpability,” said Bedford County Commonwealth’s Attorney Randy Krantz.

Lloyd’s uncle Dick, aunt Pat and cousin Henry Parker are all being investigated for their possible involvement in the case.

Lloyd told police he saw Dick molesting one of the sisters in his home shortly after the girls were abducted from the shopping center.

In 2014, Pat was charged with lying to a grand jury about the disappearance of the Lyon sisters.

According to court documents unsealed Wednesday, Parker spoke to police in 2014, telling them he saw Lloyd pull up to a family house in Taylors Mountain Road in Bedford back in 1975 and remove two stained and smelly duffel bags from his car. Parker said Lloyd then built a fire and threw the bags into it.

“Those that have been involved in the actual crimes or the recent cover-ups – obstruction, non-cooperation – here’s what I would say, ‘Examine your conscience,'” said Krantz.

Captain Darren Franke with Montgomery County Police echoed the Krantz’s call adding, “We will be relentless in finding the facts of this case.”

Authorities believe other people have information about the case and urged anyone who knows anything to call in a tip.

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