Arlington County Welcomes Syrian Refugees

Hundreds of refugees pour into the Munich Central Station on September 1, 2015 as they flee Iraq, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries. Syrian refugees are now being shunned stronger than before over fears that terrorists could be mixed in with them.

Heather Curtis and Daniela Berson

ARLINGTON — (WMAL) Arlington County is accepting Syrian refugees, according to a member of the Arlington Board of Supervisors.

Supervisor Mary Hynes says that Arlington has a long tradition of accepting refugees and that there would be many requirements for them to meet in order to stay in the county.

“In a crisis like this, we have to turn our attention to making sure that the stuff works that needs to work,” Hynes said, “We all need to pressure the Feds to do this well.”

Hynes also said that despite concerns about refugees, “We shouldn’t close our doors to people in legitimate fear for their lives.”

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe said that he approves of the relocation of refugees to Virginia.

In order to move to Arlington, a refugee would have to already have family in the area.

If the federal government determined that Arlington is best suited for an individual refugee’s needs, they would also be allowed to stay.

When the refugees are settled in Arlington, the Department of Human Service would offer them free online classes ranging from english language classes to job training.

Arlington is also holding a blanket and coat drive for Syrian refugees.

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