Rep. Van Hollen: Government Shutdown is Paul Ryan’s Biggest Challenge Yet


Daniela Berson
WASHINGTON — (WMAL) On December 12th, the Budget Continuing Resulution is set to expire in Congress.

If the budget is not approved or the deadline is not extended, the U.S. government will be faced with another shutdown.

Maryland Representative Chris Van Hollen said the looming government shutdown will be the biggest test yet for new House speaker Paul Ryan.

“You still have this Tea Party Caucus that is threatening to shut down the government as a way to try to have their way on other extreme ideological issued,” Van Hollen said.

Ideological differences between the parties, including the funding of Planned Parenthood, have divided Congress on passing the new budget.

Van Hollen said that it is wrong that the Tea Party Caucus is pushing ideology through the budget debate.

“Don’t keep threatening to shut down the government to try to impose your will on the American people.”

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