Jeb Bush super PAC mocks Marco Rubio’s boots with song


WASHINGTON — (CNN) For Republican presidential candidates, Marco Rubio’s infamous boots are the gift that keeps on giving.

The latest dose of ridicule comes courtesy of the super PAC backing Jeb Bush, which rewrote the song “These Boots Are Made For Walking” in a new video mocking Rubio for flip-flopping on issues, missing Senate votes, and, of course, his penchant for fashionable footwear.

In the video, produced by Right to Rise, an anonymous pair of legs dance around the screen wearing Rubio’s signature boots while an amended version of the classic song plays. The screen is also filled with issues on which Rubio has changed his positions over the years.

“These boots are made for flippin’, and that’s just what they’ll do / One of these days young Marco’s gonna flip, flop, flip on you,” a woman sings as the words “Iran,” “cap and trade,” “Syria” and “immigration” float across the screen.

The lyrics of the rewrite only get more vicious.

“You keep leavin’ when you oughta be votin’ / What’s work is work, but you ain’t earned it yet,” the woman sings, referencing the criticism that Rubio has repeatedly missed Senate votes or briefings.

“Are you ready Marco’s boots?” the song ends. “Start flippin’!”

Joe Pounder, a senior adviser with the Rubio campaign, responded to the video on Twitter.

“After spending $75m w/ nothing to show for it, @JebBush campaign exists now for sole purpose of tearing down conservatives like @marcorubio,” Pounder wrote.

He continued, “@JebBush was once willing to lose primary to win the general. Now he’s losing primary & appears determined to help @HillaryClinton win general.”

Rubio has received a lot of grief for his shoes, with rivals Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina each finding their own way to rib their primary opponent over his choice of footwear.

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