LISTEN: D.C. Statehood Activists Take Their Case To The Iowa Caucus


Steve Burns

DES MOINES – (WMAL) Iowans won’t just be voting on presidential candidates tonight. There are also issue resolutions on the ballot, and one of those is their support for D.C. Statehood.

“In order for D.C. to get its statehood and equal rights, Congress has to vote to admit it. And the way you get Congress to do something is you get the American people behind you,” D.C.’s Shadow Senator Paul Strauss told WMAL. “While the average American may think that citizens in Washington, D.C. have more power than other Americans, the reality is it’s the voters in Iowa that are the most influential right now.”

Iowans have been seeing television ads from “The 51 Stars Campaign” featuring Hollywood celebrities over the past few weeks.

“Members of one party or another are worried about D.C. residents electing folks who may not support specific issues, but that’s not really how America is supposed to work,” Strauss said. “A Democracy means that all people have the right to be represented. D.C. residents deserve their rights, and they’re long overdue.”

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