LISTEN: Former Fairfax Meals Tax Advocate REP. TOM DAVIS Reverses Support For The Referendum

INTERVIEW: TOM DAVIS – former VA congressman and former co-chair of the Fairfax County Meals Tax Task Force. He was the former chairman of the Board of Supervisors during the 1992 meals-tax battle

  • Davis supported the meals-tax in 1992 but now has changed his mind on the tax.
  • Should Fairfax County add a 4 percent tax on restaurant meals? Residents will get the opportunity this week to weigh in. Discussions on the proposed tax will be held Wednesday in Alexandria and Thursday in Falls Church. The meals tax referendum is up for a vote on Nov. 8. Voters will decide whether the county’s board of supervisors should levy a meals tax of no more than 4 percent on prepared food at restaurants. The tax also would apply to drinks served with meals and ready-to-eat food at grocery stores, among other locations. The tax would give the county a new source of revenue, which would decrease dependence on real estate taxes, the county says on its website. It would generate an estimated $99 million per year, the county says.

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