LISTEN: JARED MEYER Explains Why Maryland Does Not Need To Force Fingerprinting on Uber and Lyft

INTERVIEW — JARED MEYER, Senior Research Fellow, The Foundation for Government Accountability

  • Maryland May Force Out Uber and Lyft (American Spectator/By Jared Meyer) — Just in time for the holidays, Maryland residents may be left without Uber and Lyft.  By December 22, state regulators will decide if all for-hire drivers must have fingerprint background checks to work. If fingerprinting is mandated, the companies could cease operations in the state — just as they did in Austin, Texas earlier this year. This is a classic case of policymakers putting tens of thousands of jobs at risk because they watch too much CSI on television. Fingerprint background checks sound secure, but they are unnecessary, ineffective, and discriminatory when misused as a job screening tool.


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