LISTEN: Fox’s JOHN ROBERTS: Covering The Trump White House Has Been Like Drinking Out Of A Fire Hose

Interview – JOHN ROBERTS – Fox News Chief White House Correspondent

  • Recap Trump’s Week 2 and look ahead to week 3
  • Feud with Australia and Mexico… Iran sanctions coming Friday – WH to impose additional sanctions on Iranian entities in response to Iran’s ballistic missile test, sources say.
  • Trump’s slow moving confirmations in the Senate: Sessions, Price, Mnuchin… looming SCOTUS fight coming
  • Betsy DeVos’ nomination to be education secretary clears Senate hurdle; showdown vote next week. Betsy DeVos has cleared a major hurdle in the Senate to become the next education secretary, despite vigorous opposition from Democrats. Senators voted 52-48 to cut off debate before dawn Friday morning, setting the stage for a final confirmation vote next week.


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