JOE CONCHA: The Media is Proving Bannon Right, They are the Opposition Party

On Tuesday, Rachel Maddow released President Trump’s 2005 tax forms during her show on MSNBC. Listen as Larry chatted with media reporter and The Hill columnist Joe Concha about the release of the President’s tax returns.

During the interview, Concha explained the relationship between the media and the Trump administration:

Concha: Do you remember when Steve Bannon, everybody lost their minds over this, when he called the media the ‘opposition party’?

O’Connor: Yes.

Concha: And he said they need to shut their mouths and start to listen for a while. And of course almost every media member stands up and says, ‘I will not shut my mouth, I will speak truth to power’. Ah shut up, that’s not what he was saying. He was saying that you have to go listen to people, listen to voters, listen to how people feel instead of just giving your own opinion all the time because you showed how wrong you were during the election. So when he said ‘opposition party’ I said, ‘well that’s a little bit strong’. ┬áBut now they are proving it time and time and time again that this is an adversarial relationship. I get that it’s not supposed to be all sunshine and flowers and you’re supposed to treat the Trump administration with kid gloves. No, everybody loves tough questions and good investigative reporting, but this has become personal. And when Trump says, the tone is horrible and his aides, whenever they go on television, are treated poorly, it’s not because the questions are tough, it’s the attitude, it’s condescending, it’s rude, and it’s personal because it is because they simply do not like this administration, they don’t like the way they are being treated so they are going to go down this route. But to your point, it’s going to boomerang just like I said because when the media is that unpopular and they act this way, it will only make them that much more unpopular.

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