LISTEN: PRANAV JANDHYALA of BridgeCal Discusses His Reasoning For Inviting Ann Coulter to Speak at UC Berkeley

Listen as Larry spoke with Pranav Jandhyala, the President of BridgeCal, regarding his latest article, I invited Ann Coulter to speak at UC Berkeley. Here’s why.

An excerpt of The Washington Post article can be found below:

I am the founder of BridgeUSA, the nonpartisan organization that invited Ann Coulter to the University of California at Berkeley’s campus. Our organization hopes to create a future in which our campus and our country are venues for free and fair political discussion and debate from all sides. We stand for the preservation of spaces where political ideas can be shared and challenged without fear of violence.

To that end, we decided to bring Coulter to Berkeley today to speak to a body of mainly liberal students on immigration. Unfortunately, threatened attacks from extremist groups forced the cancellation of this event. Let’s be clear: Blame for the cancellation of Coulter’s speech does not rest solely on the shoulders of any individual. The administration, student groups including ours, external resistance groups and the media all made mistakes that need to be corrected. Fundamentally, though, the system of political dialogue and debate is broken, not just on this campus, but across the nation. [Read More]


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