LISTEN: J. CHRISTIAN ADAMS’ Reveals His Alien Invasion Report

Listen as Larry spoke with J. Christian Adams, President of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, regarding his latest report, Alien Invasion: Thousands of Foreigners Registered to Vote (and Voting) in Virginia.

During the interview, Adams exposed how illegal immigrants were registered to vote at the DMV:

O’Connor: First of all, this is really fascinating to me, that these are illegal aliens who were at the DMV registering to vote. If they were at the DMV, that means that they were getting driver’s licenses as well, right? I don’t think you can have a driver’s license legally in Virginia if you’re not a citizen.

Adams: You can particularly if you’re a green card holder. So these folks are getting licenses and simultaneously because of the ‘Motor Voter Law’ … Remember that was that big Clinton initiative in 1993. Because of ‘Motor Voter’, they’re being shoved voter registration forms at them when they’re at the DMV and they are just getting registered to vote. Ironically, some of them actually told the truth and said, ‘No, I’m not a citizen’. But in Virginia they still got registered to vote. And our report has actual photographs of those voter registration forms online that you can see.

O’Connor: Wait, so some employee.. is it employees of the DMV that actually do the physical registration into the voter rolls there in the Commonwealth? They basically bypass the block, the little box that said, ‘No, I’m not a citizen’ and went ahead and registered them anyway?

Adams: Yeah, it’s apart of the mess. They just forwarded the form to the local county, Arlington, Alexandria and so forth. And they just shoved them onto the voter rolls apparently without checking [inaudible]. People actually admitted they were foreigners and they still got registered to vote. We have 700 pages of people who admitted they were not citizens who are still getting registered to vote in Virginia.


An excerpt of his report is below:

Some inside the Beltway are in a froth about foreign influence in our elections.

Yet I’ll wager they won’t say a word about real foreign influence in elections — even when actual evidence exists.

A new report released today documents that in Virginia alone, 5,556 voter registrations were cancelled because of citizenship defects. Many of those cancelled had gotten on the voter rolls despite saying on their voter registration form that they were an alien and not eligible to vote.

Voter history records also show that many thousands of ballots were cast by registrants removed for citizenship defects.

Only Americans should be electing American leaders, but that isn’t happening.

Even worse, the report documents the extensive efforts by state and local election officials to conceal the extent of noncitizen registration and voting.

These efforts include internal emails that revealed an intent to alter public records to hide the full extent of noncitizen cancellations. [Read More]

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