LISTEN: DR. SEBASTIAN GORKA: Deep State & Obama Holdovers are Damaging American Foreign Policy in Their Attempt to Hurt Trump

Listen as Larry with Dr. Sebastian Gorka, President Trump’s Deputy Assistant, regarding the travel ban, secret leaks and more.

During the interview, O’Connor asked Gorka about the leaks leaving the government:

Gorka: Yeah it is truly saddening that there are individuals who were in public office who may still be in he government who do not recognize the legitimacy of the newly elected administration and simply cannot stomach or psychologically absorb the reality of November 8th and who the president is. It is absolutely clear that people like Ben Rhodes, Colin Kahl, Former  National Security Advisor to Vice President Biden,  encouraging individuals to resist the new administration. We know there are reporters such as Josh Rogin who are encouraging people to leak and send them information. You saw the recent case of the female contractor that leaked classified information. This information is classified for a reason. Because it is sensitive and it has to do with national security and the safety of America and her citizens. But I would like to re-ensure the listeners of WMAL that this administration understands the threat, is dealing with the threat, lots of individuals are being rotated out of their positions and when we find somebody red-handed doing what has been done with that individual who for example who was a contractor, they will be processed to the fullest extent of the law.

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