#LarryOQuestion: Women in the Army are Being Trained to Shower with Women Whom Have “Male Genitalia”. Is this Acceptable?

Listen to The Larry O’Connor Show today from 3pm – 6pm as he takes your calls surrounding a new policy teaching women in the army how to shower with women who have “male genitalia”. Share your thoughts on The Larry O’Connor Show.

Jazz Shaw of Hot Air.com recently wrote an article regarding the new policy. An excerpt of the article, Army Trains Female Soldiers To Shower With “Women With Male Genitalia”, is below:

Last month we talked about a possible delay in new U.S. military rules allowing “openly transgender” applicants to enlist in the service. (That was left in the hands of General Mattis.) It seems that this is truly just a delay and not a foreshadowing of some possible reversal of course. In preparation for this shift in policy, the Army is rolling out special training material specifically tailored for female soldiers to “train” them in advance so they can be prepared for the day when a “woman with male genitalia” strolls into the shower with them. (Life Site News) [Read More]

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