Forget The On-Field Outcome – Redskins Are Still Winners At The Bank

Steve Burns

WASHINGTON – (WMAL) The Washington Redskins are ranked fourth on Forbes’ annual list of most valuable NFL franchises, coming in at a $3.1 billion valuation. The Dallas Cowboys remain the most valuable franchise for the 11th straight year, at $4.8 billion.

While most revenue in the NFL is shared through broadcast rights, making up about 75 to 80 percent of all revenue, the difference comes from local revenue, SportsCorp Ltd.’s Marc Ganis told WMAL.

“That’s the money you generate from suites and club seats and advertising and naming rights for your stadium,” he said.

Just look to the Dallas Cowboys’ new stadium.

“Since Jerry Jones what’s euphemistically called Jerry’s World, the value of the Cowboys has skyrocketed,” Ganis said. “It’s now, according to Forbes, well above the Patriots at number two.”

The Patriots’ valuation from Forbes is $3.7 billion. The New York Giants, at number three, saw their value climb to $3.3 billion.

Minnesota, Atlanta, and Miami all opened either new or renovated stadiums, and all saw their valuations climb as a result in Forbes’ list.

Most of the local revenue that makes that difference comes from the ability to market a stadium, Ganis said.

“That’s why the Redskins are already looking at a new stadium plan somewhere,” he said.

The Redskins also enjoy something a lot of other teams don’t – a “location premium”.

“If you were going to ever sell the team, is there a premium associated to potential buyers jsut because of where the team is located?” Ganis said. “Washington has a very high location premium.”

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