Redskin Says Finger Flip Came After N-Word Assault Throughout Game

John Matthews

ASHBURN, VA — (WMAL) Redskins wide receiver Terrelle Pryor apologized via Instagram Thursday for dropping an f-bomb and making an obscene gesture to fans in the stands in Kansas City following the Redskins’ 29 – 20 loss to the Chiefs Monday night.

Pryor was captured on video making the gesture in response to a fan who shouted “f— you” at him as he entered the tunnel following the game. Pryor started to turn towards his antagonist, but was restrained by the team’s stength and conditioning coach, Chad Englehart.

Pryor later explained that his response to the fan came at the end of a game during which he was frequently called the N-word throughout the contest – ” to the point where an NFL employee had to step to me and stand by me the whole game from second quarter on is the exact reason why guys are kneeling during the anthem,” Pryor wrote.

Pryor, who had stood during the anthem Monday night along with all of his teammates, did express his regrets for his own behavior.

“I do apologize to my teammates and the organization,” Pryor wrote. “But at some point you keep calling us The N word .. we going to start acting up. #straightlikethat.”


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