LISTEN: ELIZABETH SCHULTZ: Our Children Are Vulnerable Because We Place Them In Targeted Locations Where There Are No Guns

INTERVIEW – ELIZABETH SCHULTZ – Fairfax County School Board Member – discussed increasing security in our schools in the aftermath of Parkland school shootings

  • Fairfax County School Board to take up more cops in public schools …Elizabeth Schultz wanting to put more cops or licensed armed security in Fairfax public schools on the board’s agenda.
  • Local school boards looking for solutions to school safety post-Florida school shooting.
  • Fairfax school board member calls for stricter gun control after Florida shooting. (Washington Post / Feb 20) — A Fairfax County school board member is urging federal and state officials to enact stricter gun control measures following one of the country’s deadliest school shootings.Ryan McElveen, an at-large board member, invited community members in a tweet Tuesday morning to “stand in solidarity with us in memory of all the lives lost to the plague of gun violence and to call on our legislators to act.” He said he plans to put forth a resolution Thursday at a school board meeting calling on lawmakers to better regulate access to firearms. The resolution also calls on legislators to increase mental health support and funding for public health research on issues related to firearms.

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