VIDEO: Poor Hillary Clinton Keeps Falling Down Stairs

Hillary Stumbles Down Stairs In India Just Like In 2016

During a trip to India, failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was seen slipping on a set of stairs, being helped up, and then falling again.Of cours this spawned comparisions to her being helped into a van after collapsing outside of the 9/11 Memorial during the 2016 campaign.

Posted by Big League Politics on Monday, March 12, 2018

(Daily Mail) – Hillary Clinton has slipped on a set of stairs yet again, just five months after breaking her toe in London.

Cameras were rolling in Mandu, India on Monday as Clinton descended a set of stone stairs at the Jahaj Maha palace and slipped not once but twice even as aides held her by the arms.

After the second slip, Clinton kicked off her sandals and proceeded the rest of the way down the steps without incident.

Top aide Huma Abedin was walking right behind Clinton during the incident.

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