Rapper Cardi B seems to become Libertarian over taxes; Asks ‘What is you doing with my F**king Money?’

Rapper Cardi B has had a big year. she had a break-out hit with the song Bodak Yellow, she’s on the new Bruno Mars single, and according to sites that track such things, her net worth shot from $600,000 last year to over 4 million this year!

However, it’s tax time.  And now Uncle Sam wants 40% of that money, and Cardi isn’t happy about it.  Check out this video she posted on Instagram (Caution, lots of swearing):


And it’s not the first time she’s thought about the Taxman either, last year she posted this, telling people to hold any money due until after tax season:




P.s. Even Ted Cruz got in on the fun:


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