The Larry O’Connor Show 05.03.18

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Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign (Amazon)

It was never supposed to be this close. And of course she was supposed to win. How Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump is the tragic story of a sure thing gone off the rails. For every Comey revelation or hindsight acknowledgment about the electorate, no explanation of defeat can begin with anything other than the core problem of Hillary’s campaign–the candidate herself. [Read More]

Forget the Midlife Crisis: Happiness Actually Returns at 50 (Parade)

It’s the oldest cliché in the book—a gray-haired guy drives around town in a brand-new red convertible and everyone immediately thinks he’s going through a midlife crisis. But Jonathan Rauch, author of The Happiness Curve: Why Life Gets Better After 50, says happiness actually follows a U-shaped trajectory, a “happiness curve” that drops from youthful optimism into what’s often a long low slump in middle age before rising again in our fifties. To draw these conclusions, Rauch, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C., drew on cutting-edge research and first-person interviews only to discover that once we enter our fifties we’re actually unexpectedly contented. Parade sat down with Rauch to find out why these decades come with such different happiness levels. [Read More]

Sanders: I found out about Trump reimbursement from Giuliani’s interview (The Hill)

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Thursday that she didn’t know that President Trump had reimbursed attorney Michael Cohen for the $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels until Rudy Giuliani made the revelation on Fox News the night before.

“The first awareness I had was during the interview last night,” Sanders said during the press briefing when asked when she learned that Trump had reimbursed Cohen for the payment related to a nondisclosure agreement, despite previously claiming he was unaware of it. [Read More]

‘Still some work to do’ to free US prisoners in North Korea, official says (Fox News)

Feds monitored Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s phones (NBC News)

CORRECTION: Earlier today, NBC News reported that there was a wiretap on the phones of Michael Cohen, President Trump’s longtime personal attorney, citing two separate sources with knowledge of the legal proceedings involving Cohen.

But three senior U.S. officials now dispute that, saying that the monitoring of Cohen’s phones was limited to a log of calls, known as a pen register, not a wiretap where investigators can actually listen to calls.

[Read More]

CORRECTION: Feds have pen-register, not wiretap on Michael Cohen (MSNBC Twitter)

Rudy Giuliani Suggests There Were Other Payments Like Stormy Daniels’ (The Daily Beast)

Hours after his explosive revelation on Hannity Thursday night, Donald Trump’s legal aide Rudy Giuliani suggested to a reporter that other payments, similar to the one given to Stormy Daniels, were dished out by attorney Michael Cohen during the presidential campaign and later repaid from Trump’s personal funds. Giuliani, who’s been revealing more and more about the Daniels payment in a series of media interviews in the past 24 hours, told The Washington Post early Friday morning there were “a few other situations” during the campaign that led to repayments to Cohen from Trump’s personal funds, similar to the Daniels payment for her silence over an alleged affair with Trump. Asked when the repayments to Cohen after the Daniels deal were made, Giuliani replied: “Well, the original payment from Cohen was sometime right before the election. The repayments took place over a period of time, probably in 2017, probably all paid back by the end of 2017. That and probably a few other situations that might have been considered campaign expenses.” [Read More]

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