Lee Smith, Dr. Roy Spencer and Dr. Sebastian Gorka on The Larry O’Connor Show 09.14.18

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Why President Trump Is Keeping Those Classified DOJ Docs In His Back Pocket (The Federalist)

President Trump’s allies in Congress and the media have long wondered why he doesn’t declassify documents withheld by the Department of Justice that could vindicate him in the Russia probe. What’s stopping him from exercising his constitutional authority, they ask? Doesn’t he recognize the growing danger of inaction with the midterm elections at hand, which could spell his impeachment if he loses his Republican congressional majority?

RealClearInvestigations sought insight into the president’s thinking from current and past senior U.S. officials, most of whom spoke only on condition of anonymity. The picture of Trump that emerges plays against type. [Read More]

Hurricane Florence is not climate change or global warming. It’s just the weather. (USA Today)

Even before Hurricane Florence made landfall somewhere near the border of North and South Carolina, predicted damage from potentially catastrophic flooding from the storm was already being blamed on global warming.

Writing for NBC News, Kristina Dahl contended, “With each new storm, we are forced to question whether this is our new, climate change-fueled reality, and to ask ourselves what we can do to minimize the toll from supercharged storms.”

The theory is that tropical cyclones have slowed down in their speed by about 10 percent over the past 70 years due to a retreat of the jet stream farther north, depriving storms of steering currents and making them stall and keep raining in one location. This is what happened with Hurricane Harvey in Houston last year. [Read More]

First deaths reported from Hurricane Florence after Wilmington home collapses (FOX News)

Hurricane Florence claimed its first victims Friday afternoon, when two people died after a tree fell on their home in Wilmington, North Carolina, police said.

The victims were a mother and infant, police said on Twitter. The father sustained injuries and was transported to New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington for medical care. [Read More]

America’s Forever War In Afghanistan Has Engulfed A New Generation (The Federalist)

This year’s 9/11 anniversary came with a grim milestone: it marked the first day an American born on the day of the attacks can enlist to go fight in Afghanistan. Let that sink in. The United States has been at war in Afghanistan for so long now that it has drawn in a new generation of American soldiers, for whom the proximate causes of the war are historical events they learned about in school.

Put it in any terms you like. After 17 years in Afghanistan, we still have 14,000 troops stationed there. The American war far exceeds the Soviet invasion and occupation of Afghanistan in both duration and cost. It is longer than Vietnam, World War II, and the Civil War combined. [Read More]

How Anti-Trump Leakers Moved From Offense to Defense (Real Clear Investigations)

A trail of evidence appearing in major news outlets suggests a campaign to undermine President Trump from within the government through illegal leaks of classified information, and then thwart congressional investigators probing the disclosures.

On Monday the Justice Department released a handful of texts and other documents that included two former officials known for their anti-Trump bias – Peter Strzok and Lisa Page of the FBI – discussing the DOJ’s “media leak strategy.” Strzok now says, through his lawyer, that that strategy was aimed at preventing leaks. Nevertheless, days later he and Page approvingly mention forthcoming news articles critical of Trump associates. [Read More]

Bill Kristol Building ‘War Machine’ For GOP Candidates to Challenge Trump in 2020 (Mediaite)

Conservative commentator and prominent #NeverTrumper Bill Kristolis apparently taking it upon himself to reclaim the Republican Party from the president in 2020.

A new report from CNBC has the details on how Kristol is using a combination of non-profits and superPACs to build a political infrastructure so anti-Trump GOPers have a viable platform they can use to run for office. As director of “Defending Democracy Together”, Kristol is holding studies on swing state voters while reaching out to political operatives who might run for various offices on traditional GOP platforms. [Read More]



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