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Democrats decline President Trump’s invitation to discuss government shutdown, White House says (FOX 5 DC)

The White House ran quickly into the limits of trying to bypass Speaker Nancy Pelosi in shutdown negotiations when rank-and-file House Democrats declined an invitation to lunch Tuesday with President Donald Trump.

The administration is trying to peel off Democratic support for Trump’s demand for border wall money and negotiate directly with centrist lawmakers and some newly elected freshmen, including those in districts where Trump is popular.

Pelosi gave her blessing for lawmakers to accept the White House invitation, but White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said “unfortunately” no Democrats accepted. [Read More]

At the midpoint of Donald Trump’s first term, the establishment media’s obvious hostility shows no signs of relenting, but polls show this negative coverage has had no discernible impact on the public’s attitudes toward the President.

Since January 20, 2017, the Media Research Center has analyzed every moment of coverage of President Trump on the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts, seen by approximately 23 million people each night. Highlights: [Read More]

AG nominee Barr backs Trump on border wall, but parts with president on Russia probe questions (FOX News)

President Trump’s nominee for attorney general William Barr told senators during his confirmation hearing on Tuesday that he supports the president’s call for new barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border, while departing from the president’s public stances on the Russia probe.

Asked about the ongoing partial federal government shutdown, Barr said, “I would like to see a deal reached whereby Congress recognizes that it’s imperative to have border security, and part of border security, as a common sense matter, involves barriers.” [Read More]

A ‘no deal’ Brexit is best for Britain and the United States (FOX News)

British Prime Minister Theresa May has suffered a seismic defeat. The House of Commons on Tuesday rejected her proposed withdrawal agreement with the European Union by a 230 vote margin.

Among those voting against her: 118 rebel Conservative MPs who saw the deal as a weak-kneed surrender to the European Union. [Read More]


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