Fake Washington Post Papers Claim President Trump Resigned

Heather Curtis


WASHINGTON (WMAL) – It’s an attention grabbing headline on the Washington Post, but it’s fake along with the papers its printed on.

The headline reads “UNPRESIDENTED Trump Hastily Departs White House, Ending Crisis.” His resignation letter wasn’t on official presidential letterhead, but a napkin left in the oval office according to the story.

The Washington Post’s PR department said in a Tweet the papers given out in downtown D.C. Wednesday are fake.

A trickster activist collective group the Yes Men told WMAL it’s responsible.

“It’s a catchy trick to get people’s attention,” one of the group’s founders Andy Bichlbaum said.

Bichlbaum said the goal was to prompt the new Democratic-controlled House to take action to oppose the president and get him impeached. Bichlbaum added the paper was also meant to embrace what he called a progressive vision of what the world could be in the future, which is why it was dated May 1, 2019.

The liberal activist group Code Pink posted a video on Facebook of the organization’s founder, Medea Benjamin, giving out papers. She confirmed to the Post that her group did hand out papers.

MoveOn, a public policy advocacy group and political action committee, Tweeted that it was not responsible for the fake papers.

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