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Trump and Pence give surprise addresses at anti-abortion March for Life (The Washington Post)

President Trump and Vice President Pence surprised thousands of protesters demonstrating against abortion on the National Mall by making unannounced speeches at Friday’s March for Life.

Pence and his wife, Second Lady Karen Pence, strode out onstage to the delighted cheers of a roaring crowd carrying anti-abortion posters and banners. Then Pence concluded his remarks with a second surprise: Trump, who addressed the march by video feed last year, had again prepared videotaped remarks for the marchers. [Read More]

EVENT: March For ALL Women Rally and Meetup on Jan. 19 in Washington, DC (IWF)

Women’s movements should empower and celebrate all women. On Saturday, January 19, 2019, Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) and Independent Women’s Voice (IWV) will host the March For ALL Women Rally from 10:00 a.m – 11:00 a.m. at Pershing Park in Washington, DC, to stand up for fairness, respect, civility, empathy, inclusivity, diversity of thought, and political ideology.

“March For ALL Women represents the rising tide of women who stand against the divisiveness of the so-called Women’s March movement,” said Carrie Lukas, president of Independent Women’s Forum. “We’re here to speak up, because women should not be hijacked for a political agenda. Women, in all their individual variety, deserve to be heard.” [Read More]

Study: Flavored E-Cigs Help Smokers Quit Toxic Cigarettes (PJ Media)

New studies reveal the importance of flavored e-cigarettes when attempting to quit smoking. These are important findings because the head honcho at the FDA, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, has threatened the nascent e-cig industry with despotic hyper-regulation regarding flavored e-cig products. The reason for such regulation has to do with an “epidemic” of teen nicotine vaping that Gottlieb and the FDA deemed more dangerous and more important than adult tobacco use and the consequent diseases that come from smoking, like cancer, stoke and heart disease. [Read More]

BuzzFeed’s Trump-Russia Michael Cohen ‘bombshell’ has massive holes in it (Conservative Review)

BuzzFeed’s latest Trump-Russia collusion hit claims that President Trump directed Michael Cohen, his former attorney, to lie to Congress about a prospective building project in Moscow. The felonious allegation has spun the legacy media into a full-on frenzy. It is perhaps the biggest Trump-Russia story since The Guardian published an evidence-free claim (which turned out to be bogus) that short-lived Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort recently met on multiple occasions in London with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Media pundits, leftist partisans in and out of governmentand NeverTrumpers are citing the latest BuzzFeed article as evidence that the president committed a felony in lying to Congress and therefore that impeachment proceedings must begin at once. [Read More]

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