WATCH: The Full Video of the Lincoln Memorial Incident

Here at the Chris Plante Show, we wanted  to show you the full incident between The Black Hebrew Israelites and the high school boys wearing MAGA hats.

The video is extremely long so we wanted to give you the times of the most pertinent bits:


50:02 The Black Hebrew Israelites rant about “racist crackers…”

1:12:25 Nathan Phillips wanders into the crowd of Catholic school kids. The media focuses most on this, but as you can see, the event does not play out as the left has said

1:13:20 The Black Hebrew Israelites yelling “Y’all better not touch him …”.  About the Native American guy as he waded into the crowd of kids banging his drum.

1:14:20 The Black Hebrew Israelites saying  “America will be destroyed by nuclear war”

1:14:45 The Black Hebrew Israelites “You had a native rally … MAGA hats …”

1:16:30 The Black Hebrew Israelites telling high school students to  “Go shoot up a school…”

1:17:40 The Black Hebrew Israelites telling high schoolers that “Everything your parents have is because of “slavery…”

1:18:20 The Black Hebrew Israelites calls the kids “Crackers” again and again.

1:18:40 The Black Hebrew Israelites yelling the N-Word at the kids

1:19:05  Black Hebrew Israelite go on a “N-word” rant

1:20:10 Black Hebrew Israelite accuses Trump of  incest.

1:21:20 Black Hebrew Israelite calls kid “f****t child molester”

1:23:20 Black Hebrew Israelite telling kids “Your president is a homosexual …”

1:25:00 Black Hebrew Israelite goes on homophobic rant“In God we trust … your god gives f****ts rights. (Kids say “ooooh..”)

1:27:05 The Black Hebrew Israelites yelling at prayer circle “no peace … until blood is shed… stolen..”

1:28:40 Black Hebrew Israelite goes on another homophobic rant


Watch the full video below:


Photo: The Associated Press

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