L. Brent Bozell, Daniel Horowitz, Councilmember Vincent Gray and Tiana Lowe on The Larry O’Connor Show 01.23.19

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Media Research Center (MRC) President Brent Bozell issued the following statement on Wednesday in response to the “liberal mob media’s” smearing of the Covington kids:

“NBC and the liberal mob media have zero concern for the truth. It does not matter to them that a new video, which is now days old, cleared the Covington kids of wrongdoing. It does not matter to them that this non-story has resulted in death threats to these innocent Catholic kids and their families. And, clearly, it does not matter to them that Nathan Phillips, the adult who instigated the confrontation, has told multiple lies about the incident. The only thing that matters to the leftist media is perpetuating the false narrative that a group of pro-life boys donning ‘MAGA’ hats are racist. This is not honest journalism, this is a public hit job designed to entertain Trump-hating liberal America. [Read More]

New York State Senate Passes Bill Permitting Abortions up to Birth (National Review)

The New York State Senate passed the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) this evening by a vote of 38-24, on the 46th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, which found that a woman has a constitutional right to abortion. The bill already passed the state assembly by a 92-47 vote. [Read More]

Covington Catholic and how social justice is the death of real justice (Washington Examiner)

It had all the makings of the perfect 21st century crime. A seemingly incriminating social media video. That red hat. A victim from perhaps the single most oppressed class in American history, a Native American. A villain from its most privileged, a white male. And most damning, that incorrigible and unrelenting smile.

But as it turns out, hundreds of thousands or even millions of retweets of an encounter following the March for Life told the wrong story. Nick Sandmann, a junior from Covington Catholic High School, didn’t impede on the personal space of a Native American veteran and activist, Nathan Phillips. He didn’t gloat and glimmer with centuries of white privilege held over the head of a man whose people faced genocide at the hands of the colonizer. So it seems, the student with the now infamous smirk committed only one crime: existing. [Read More]

D.C. lawmakers reverse mayor’s veto against reducing penalties for Metro fare evasion (Curbed DC)

In the District, dodging fares on the Metro system is shortly expected to be downgraded to a civil offense carrying a potential fine of up to $50 from a criminal act with a $300 maximum penalty and up to 10 days in jail. A supermajority of D.C. councilmembers on Tuesday voted to override Mayor Muriel Bowser’s veto of a decriminalization bill they had passed last year.

The legislation now heads to Congress for a standard 30-day passive-review period required for District laws before they can go into effect. In negating her veto, the Council delivered a significant blow to Bowser and Metro, both of whom warned that public-safety and financial harms would result from the bill. This is the first time that the legislature has challenged and defeated a veto by Bowser, an ex-legislator who started her second mayoral term this month. [Read More]

Conservatives are facing failure in the Senate unless Trump changes strategy (Conservative Review)

Last year, I made a list of 25 slam-dunk immigration bills that the Senate should consider on the floor to show that Democrats care more about illegal immigrants than about Americans. Over the past month, with the national focus finally turning to immigration as the top issue, McConnell should have been holding one vote after another on these issues. Instead, he was dead silent. Now he is scheduling two votes for Thursday – one on an amnesty bill with border funding, and the other on the Democrat bill to fund government without fixing the border invasion. Thus, rather than trying to throw a touchdown, he is either tossing an interception or an incompletion. Why not vote on something good?

When Trump announced his amnesty offer, many conservatives downplayed the concerns about the bill by noting that Democrats would reject it anyway, all part of a Trump chess plan to expose their radical intransigence. The problem, as I noted on Monday, is that “once Trump officially blesses the idea of amnesty in this context, Senate Republicans will run with this. They will allow Democrats to negotiate down further, and we’ll be left with a few billion dollars, no policy changes to fix a policy problem, and a new amnesty.” [Read More]


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