LISTEN: Arlington Parent MARIA KEFFLER Discussed Her Concerns About The Gender Politics Agenda In Arlington Schools

INTERVIEW – MARIA KEFFLER –  a former school teacher and parent whose children attend Arlington Public Schools wrote a Wash Post op-Ed about the transgenderism agenda in Arlington schools

  • Keffler: Gender politics don’t belong in the classroom, but Title IX protections do. (Washington Post Opinion) – “On Feb. 25, a friend and Arlington Public Schools parent inadvertently discovered a meeting that evening of a working group charged with developing procedures to implement the district’s transgender/gender-nonconforming students policy. We attended as nonparticipating observers and were stunned. At that meeting, an Arlington Gender Identity Allies advocate lamented that a planned reading of “I Am Jazz,” a storybook about a transgender student, had been scuttled at Patrick Henry Elementary School because of concerns over parents’ reactions. The speaker vowed that the event would happen. Three days later, Ashlawn Elementary hosted a transgender activist who read the book to 5-year-olds, introducing the idea that “anyone can be anything,” as one kindergartner who absorbed the lesson summarized. Ashlawn parents were notified less than a week ahead. The letter offered no opt-out, buried the book’s topic in its middle paragraph and went out only in English, although 27 percent of Ashlawn’s students are Hispanic or Asian. All other communication goes home bilingual. APS seems comfortable employing furtive tactics to slip into classrooms controversial topics to which parents might object. David Aponte, co-chair of the local chapter of GLSEN, formerly the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, said last year that Northern Virginia and California have served as laboratories for policies regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues. Arlington, our children are being experimented on.”


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