Salena Zito, Chuck Ross, Simon Rosenberg & Rabbi Yaakov Menken on The Larry O’Connor Show 04.19.19

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After Mueller, nobody has changed their views on Trump (Washington Examiner)

Nothing has changed.

Just about no one has moved away from where they stood on Nov. 9, 2016, when they woke up trying to comprehend that Donald J. Trump had overcome the odds, the press, and his own shortcomings to win that presidential election.

If you voted for him, you are still thrilled and optimistic about the future. I outlined in the book I co-authored with Brad Todd, The Great Revolt, that election was never quite about Trump. Many of his voters saw with eyes wide open the man’s flaws and were voting heavily on concern for their communities and not necessary for themselves. [Read More]

Biden set to announce presidential run next week (NBC News)

Advisers to former Vice President Joe Biden are finalizing plans for the launch of his presidential campaign next week, ending months of suspense that has hung over the Democratic nominating race.

Discussions among his core group of advisers about the exact timing of his announcement and subsequent campaign events are ongoing and subject to change, multiple officials said. Those discussions were set into motion earlier this month, as Biden himself publicly acknowledged a decision was all but a formality. [Read More]


Two reports published Thursday add to the mystery of Joseph Mifsud, a Maltese professor at the heart of the Russia probe.

Special counsel Robert Mueller alleges in his report on the Russia investigation that Mifsud lied to the FBI about the timeline of his contacts with George Papadopoulos, the Trump campaign adviser whom the FBI claims was the catalyst for the bureau’s collusion investigation. [Read More]

Pete Davidson Jokes He’s ‘Lonely’ While Opening Up About Living with His Mom (PEOPLE)

Pete Davidson is trying to spruce up his “man cave” — starting with finding a new name for it.

“So I was calling it the ‘man cave,’ but the Mulaneys [John and Annamarie] told me that if I call it that, they will no longer be my friend,” Davidson explained. “So now I call it the Basement, like the Ohio State University.”

He added, “It’s the ‘the’ that’s important.” [Read More]



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