Rep. Ralph Norman, Daniel Allot & Theodore Bromund on The Larry O’Connor Show 06.03.19

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Regretful Trump voters hard to come by in Michigan (Washington Examiner)

Robert Rasch had never voted for president before 2016. Then Donald Trump came along, and finally there was a candidate he could get excited about.

Rasch admired Trump’s business background and political courage. “For somebody to stand up and run for president that has no political background, that’s a set of brass,” he said.

Rasch is one of millions of so-called lost voters whom Trump coaxed back to the voting booth in 2016. Rasch has already decided he’ll be voting for Trump again in 2020, based largely on the president’s stewardship of the economy. [Read More]

Trump begins UK visit meeting Queen, sparring with London mayor (FOX News)

President Trump mixed high-level diplomacy with schoolyard taunts as he kicked off his overseas visit meeting with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace and later touring Westminster Abbey — while sparring on the side with one of his biggest British critics, London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

The London itinerary is part of a packed overseas agenda that includes a state dinner at the palace and D-Day commemoration ceremonies. [Read More]

The number of Americans working in their 70s is skyrocketing (Quartz)

Katharine Abraham, an economics professor at the University of Maryland, was chatting with her hairdresser one night about retirement plans. The economist said she plans to continue working because she wants to and has no plans for retiring. The hairdresser agreed but for different reasons: She needs the money.

Both scenarios are contributing to a big increase in the number of people in the US working into their 70s. Over the past 20 years, the share of Americans working in their 70s has risen from less than 10% to nearly 15%, according to US Census bureau data. [Read More]

Video: Trans Actor Laverne Cox Slams Abortion Laws During College Commencement Speech (Breitbart)

Transgender actress and activist Laverne Cox slammed pro-life legislation and claimed that using the correct gender pronouns is a “matter of life and death” for people questioning their gender identity.
Addressing students at Pitzer College’s graduation ceremony in California, the Orange is the New Black star referenced the recent passing of a restrictive anti-abortion law in Alabama, a move that has enraged progressive campaigners. [Read More]

President Trump, Queen Elizabeth reaffirm close ties between US and UK, commemorate D-Day invasion at banquet (FOX News)

President Trump capped off the first day of his London visit Monday by dining with Queen Elizabeth and other members of the royal family at a lavish state banquet at Buckingham Palace, ending a tumultuous and busy day that saw the president taking in the sights of the British capital while leveling insults at London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Both Trump and the queen offered formal toasts ahead of the dinner. [Read More]

House Dems Expected to Vote on Mass Amnesty Bill (Washington Free Beacon)

House Democrats are expected on Tuesday to bring to a vote a bill to grant protection from deportation and a path to permanent residency for millions of illegal immigrants.

H.R. 6, the American Dream and Promise Act, will likely pass the Democratic-controlled House, although it is dead on arrival in the Republican-controlled Senate. The bill passed through the House Judiciary Committee last month, following what Politico called an “intraparty squabble” over whether or not it should provide a path to citizenship to certain individuals with criminal records, and whether or not it should extend federal financial aid to illegal immigrants. [Read More]



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