D.C. Mayor Asks White House For Reimbursement Following Trump’s July 4th Celebrations

Juan Herrera

WASHINGTON (WMAL) – Muriel Bowser, the mayor of Washington D.C., is asking the White House for reimbursement for parade costs after claiming that the president’s celebrations contributed to the depletion of the city’s safety fund.

In a letter sent to the White House, Bowser said the president’s Fourth of July celebrations in D.C., cost the District approximately $1.7 million. She has requested that the White House commit to fully reimbursing the funds lost.

According to Bowser, the city’s Emergency Planning and Security Fund will be depleted by the end of the year with a deficit of $6 million. She attributed this depletion to the costs associated with security for the president’s July 4th holiday activities and subsequent first amendment demonstrations.

The mayor also said the city was not reimbursed for the costs associated with Trump’s 2017 inauguration, approximately $7.3 million in expenses.

“As we continue to gather estimates for the next Inauguration, we ask for your help with ensuring the residents of the District of Columbia are not asked to cover millions of dollars of federal expenses and are able to maintain our high standards of protection for federal events,” Bowser said.

Bowser’s letter to the White House can be seen here:


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