Senator Mike Braun, Mercedes Schlapp & Chairman Samuel Carter on The Larry O’Connor Show 11.20.19

Happen to miss The Larry O’Connor Show today? Recap today’s program by checking out topics from the program below:

Pr. George’s County council votes to not cooperate with ICE on non-criminal cases (WJLA)

Late this afternoon immigration rights activists stood on the steps of the Prince George’s County Administration Building and cheered. The impromptu rally and group photo coming moments after the county council passed what they called the “Community Inclusiveness Act” which prohibits any county law enforcement agency from cooperating with ICE on non-criminal immigration issues.

“This is an extension of what the county has already been a leader in and that is trying to protect the immigrant community here,” said immigration lawyer and advocate Eric Lopez. [Read More]

Party Power: Your Political Beliefs May Shape Your Morals, Study Finds (StudyFinds)

Are people drawn towards political ideologies due to their own morals, or does one’s political allegiances shape those morals? That’s the question political science researchers at Penn State University set out to answer in a recent study. While most would assume that morals develop before politics, the research team say it actually may be the other way around.

After tracking participants’ political attitudes and moral foundations, such as fairness and loyalty, over time, researchers found that while personal morals didn’t accurately predict a person’s future political leanings, the opposite actually held true. That is, that political beliefs were an accurate indicator of one’s morals. [Read More]

Virginia Counties Declare They Are ‘2nd Amendment Sanctuaries’ as Dems Plan Gun Reforms (NBC Washington)

County leaders in rural areas of Virginia say they will refuse to enforce any gun reform laws enacted by the newly elected Democratic majority.

The Appomattox County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution Monday declaring the county a “Second Amendment sanctuary.” [Read More]




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