Ranking Member Devin Nunes, Supervisor Pat Herrity, David Harsanyi & Dr. Roger Klein on The Larry O’Connor Show 03.18.2020

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COVID-19 Is the Chinese Government’s Curse upon the World (National Review)

If the Chinese government spent as much time working on educating its people and regulating dangerous markets as it does on secrecy and propaganda efforts, maybe it wouldn’t have to worry as much about diseases being named after it.
The World Health Organization and other sensitive souls have instructed us to stop referring to the new strain of coronavirus as the “Wuhan” or “Chinese” flu because of the racist connotations. I’m disinclined to curb my speech to placate Chinese propagandists — and it seems to me the aversion to those terms is less about racism than about averting blame. But in the spirit of comity, and avoiding disparaging an entire nation, I’m happy to call it the ChiCom Flu moving forward. [Read More]

Trump on ‘Chinese virus’ label: ‘It’s not racist at all’ (Politico)

President Donald Trump on Wednesday insisted that he was justified in branding the coronavirus pandemic as the “Chinese Virus,” disregarding criticism that the label is racially offensive and inaccurately depicts the global nature of the disease’s threat.

“It’s not racist at all. No, not at all. It comes from China, that’s why. It comes from China. I want to be accurate,” Trump told reporters at the White House coronavirus task force’s daily news briefing as he was pressed on his repeated use of the term. [Read More]

A Self-Inflicted Crisis (City Journal)

Earlier this week, the Washington Post reported that the coronavirus may have spread undetected for weeks in Washington State, where the first two virus-related deaths in the U.S. occurred. According to the Post, genetic-sequencing studies of samples from two Seattle-area patients—one from a person who had traveled to China in mid-January, the other from a high school student in the same county, with no known exposure to the virus—suggested a close relationship between the infections. These data led investigators to hypothesize that the coronavirus had been circulating in the state for six weeks. [Read More]







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