General Jack Keane, Kerry McDonald and Dr. Mark McDonald on The Larry O’Connor Show 07.16.2020

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5 Things Public Schools Can Learn From Homeschooling About Educating In A Crisis (The Federalist)

Numerous school districts across the country have indicated they are planning for partial re-openings this fall. Most plan on dividing students into groups and having only some attend in person any given day.

This nonsensical proposal is neither fair to teachers nor good for students and will only further complicate an already untenable situation. Humans of all ages need routine. Children, however, thrive on it. At a time America’s kids have had their worlds turned upside down by something no one anticipated, and have already lost a ton of educational ground, it’s absurd to subject them to additional change and disruption likely to lead to them slipping even further behind in their studies. [Read More]

US allies once seemed cowed by China. Now they’re responding with rare coordination (CNN)

Chinese President Xi Jinping surprised the world with a speech at Davos in 2017, defending free trade and joint action on climate change as then US president-elect Donald Trump argued for precisely the opposite. It might have been an overambitious pitch by Xi to position China as the world’s next leader, but it also seemed a genuine sign that Beijing was committing to the international rules-based order.

Today, the warmth in the room at Davos has all but gone. [Read More]


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