Dr. Nicole Saphier, Liz Harrington, Ann Coulter DC State BOE Member Ashley MacLeay, & Kimblyn Persaud on The Larry O’Connor Show 07.17.2020

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Dr. Nicole Saphier: School reopenings – as a mom and physician, this is how we can reach our goal (FOX News)

With many respiratory illnesses, specifically the flu, children play a critical role in community spread. Also, their younger age equates to a simpler immune system, therefore, they tend to be more severely affected by such viruses.

The dynamic between children and COVID-19 is complex and far less understood. However, as puzzling as it may be, it has become apparent that children suggestively play a lesser role in coronavirus outbreaks than other common viral infections, not to mention, the far majority do not become as ill if they do get it. [Read More]

Democrats Play Politics With Schools, But It’s Not the First Time (Townhall)

Twenty-two European countries reopened their schools back in May, and it did not cause “any significant increase in coronavirus infections among children, parents, or staff.” In the months that have followed, more evidence has emerged that children are not only far less susceptible to getting sick from COVID-19, they are not transmitting it. Extended school shutdowns, however, have taken a much greater toll on kids’ mental, emotional, and physical health.

Yet Democrats are making it controversial to return to school. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ignores the science, saying, “going back to school presents the biggest risk.” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio limits school to only one to three days a week and California Governor Gavin Newsom cancels in-person school for the entire academic year. Why? For the same reason Democrats block low-income kids from leaving failing schools to get a better education: the teachers unions tell them to. [Read More]


This Tuesday, the French celebrated Bastille Day, the mob attack on a Parisian prison that has come to symbolize the French Revolution, a period of massive violence that produced nothing other than a lot of dead Frenchmen. Their revolution was the screech of a mob, much as we are seeing in several of our own cities and towns today. So let’s review this absurdly celebrated event.

As is common with mob violence the storming of the Bastille was set off by a rumor. People began to whisper that the impotent, indecisive king, Louis XVI, was going to attack the new legislative body, the National Assembly. [Read More]

Debate over at-large vs. all-district council representation in Montgomery County ensues with petition (WUSA 9)

There’s another push to change how the Montgomery County Council is structured. A grassroots movement launched a petition to have an all-district council, but some opponents said it is unnecessary. If the petition gets enough signatures by August, voters will decide in November.

There is no debate when it comes to how quickly Montgomery County has grown since 1990 when voters decided to expand the county council by two members in response to increased population. [Read More]


D.C. School Board Member Criticized for ‘Racist, Dehumanizing’ Comments (DCist)

The D.C. State Board of Education spent hours discussing a resolution calling for the removal of police from D.C. Public Schools and public charter schools. Toward the end of the marathon meeting on Wednesday evening, board member Ashley MacLeay spoke up against the measure.

“As the granddaughter of a former Metropolitan Police Department officer who spent over 30 years in the force defending this city, I find it highly offensive how members of the board have disparaged police officers through this resolution,” MacLeay said. “Members of this board have tried to capitalize on an incident that took place half a nation away,” she said, referring to the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. [Read More]

Washington owner Snyder vows culture change amid allegations (AP)

Washington NFL owner Dan Snyder said Friday he’s committed to improving the culture inside the team after allegations of sexual harassment, while the league will wait for a law firm’s review before taking action.

The Washington Post reported Thursday that 15 female former employees said they were sexually harassed during their time with the team. Snyder said the behavior described in the story “has no place in our franchise or society.” [Read More]


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