WATCH: Video of A Violent Mob Stabbing And Attacking Chicago Police

Chicago police video shows ‘ambush’ of officers at Grant Park Columbus statue, authorities say

Chicago’s top cop said his officers were ambushed during violent clashes between protesters and police last week near a statue of Christopher Columbus as objects were hurled at officers during heated confrontations between the groups.

Police Superintendent David Brown said his department has faced “organized actions to provoke violent responses from our officers” during a Monday news briefing where a video of Friday’s events at Grant Park was released.

He said peaceful demonstrations spanning several weeks have been hijacked by what he called “organized mobs.”

Officials said the six-minute compilation video released by the Chicago Police Department shows demonstrators dressed in black using umbrellas to shield themselves while hurling frozen water bottles and cans, rocks, explosives and other items at officers. In the video, many officers retreat behind the statue or hold up riot shields during the incident.

Protesters hid behind the umbrellas and banners to change into black clothing, police said. The footage also captures people distributing items to throw at police, while others used sharpened PVC pipe to stab officers, officials said.



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