Stacy Washington with Stephen Moore and Joel Griffith on The Larry O’Connor Show 07.27.2020

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 Rep. Jerry Nadler calls violence from Antifa in Portland a ‘myth’(NY Post)

New York Rep. Jerry Nadler is shown in a new online clip calling violence in Portland by Antifa a “myth,” after protests were declared a riot on Sunday morning.

The House Judiciary Committee Chairman was approached by writer-producer Austen Fletcher, who said he asked the Democrat to disavow the rioting in the Oregon city. [Read More]

HUD revokes Obama-era rule designed to diversify the suburbs (FOX News)

The Trump administration said Thursday that it is revoking an Obama-era housing regulation designed to eliminate racial disparities in the suburbs, a move that fair housing advocates have decried as an election year stunt designed to appeal to white voters.

The move comes after President Donald Trump characterized the 2015 rule as an existential threat to the suburban way of life that will bring about more crime and lower home prices. [Read More]

Rutgers University Says Grammar Is Racist, Gets Called Out For Assuming Minorities Can’t Write Correctly (The Daily Wire)

Rutgers University has now jumped on the “grammar is racist” train, with the school’s English Department declaring proper grammar is part of white supremacy because students of “multilingual, non-standard ‘academic’ English backgrounds” are allegedly disadvantaged.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that the department “will change its standards of English instruction in an effort to ‘stand with and respond’ to the Black Lives Matter movement. In an email written by department chairwoman Rebecca Walkowitz, the Graduate Writing Program will emphasize ‘social justice’ and ‘critical grammar.’”[Read More]

Stephen Moore: GOP should start over again on coronavirus relief talks (The Washington Times)

Stephen Moore, an outside economic adviser to the White House, said Monday that Republicans should restart their internal deliberations over the next coronavirus relief package on Capitol Hill.

“This is a gut-check moment for the Republicans,” Mr. Moore said on Fox Business Network. “They have to set the restart button on these negotiations — they’re not going well.”

Senate Republicans are hoping to unveil their ante on Monday afternoon. [Read More]



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