CPB Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan, Mollie Hemingway, General Jack Keane, Daniel Gade, ADF’s Christian Holcomb & Mary Kate Marshall 07.29.2020

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 NCAA urged by 300 female athletes to reject calls to boycott Idaho transgender law (The Washington Times)

More than 300 female athletes on Wednesday urged the NCAA to reject calls to boycott Idaho over the state’s transgender-athlete law, citing the potential “chilling effect” on the integrity of women’s sports.

The letter organized by Save Women’s Sports came in response to pressure from 60 progressive organizations, including the ACLU, Planned Parenthood and the National Center for Transgender Equality, to move NCAA championship events out of Idaho over its ban on biological men competing in women’s sports. [Read More]

Acting Secretary Wolf’s Statement on Oregon Agreeing to Cooperate in Quelling Portland Violence (DHS)

Federal law enforcement officers will continue their mission
Over the past 24 hours, Governor Brown and I have been in regular communication and have agreed to a joint plan to end the violent activity in Portland directed at federal properties and law enforcement officers. That plan includes a robust presence of Oregon State Police in downtown Portland. State and local law enforcement will begin securing properties and streets, especially those surrounding federal properties, that have been under nightly attack for the past two months. Oregon State Police will coordinate with Federal Protective Service (FPS) officers to ensure all federal facilities remain protected and secure. [Read More]

 You Don’t Stand a Chance in Dems’ Kangaroo Court (Townhall)

“This is a hearing, I thought I was the one who was supposed to be heard?” — Attorney General Bill Barr, July 28, 2020.

Tuesday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing was a perfect example of what America will look like with Joe Biden in the White House and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) as Majority Leader in the US Senate. [Read More]

A conversation with Daniel Gade, the Republican facing Mark Warner in Virginia Senate race (WRIC)

Daniel Gade, the Republican challenging Mark Warner for his Senate seat in Virginia, said in an interview with 8News that he’s “willing and ready” to engage on issues that other Republicans may have avoided in past state elections.

Gade, a professor at American University and a retired Army lieutenant colonel who had his leg amputated after being wounded in Iraq, will face an array of challenges in order to unseat Warner.

Warner, a former Virginia governor, is seeking a third term in the Senate and serves as vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee in a state where Republicans have not won a statewide race in over a decade. [Read More]

 It Is Resistance, Not Trump, That Needs To Learn To Accept Election Results (The Federalist)

The media and Democrats have returned to their pre-2016 election talking point that Donald Trump won’t accept election results. But after nearly four years of refusing to accept their defeat in the last presidential election, it is they and other members of the Resistance who must commit to accepting election results that don’t go their way.

The final 2016 debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump gave voters much to think about. That was the night Clinton admitted that she was willing to engage in a proxy war with Russia in Syria. For his part, Trump highlighted Clinton’s radical support of abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, a charge she could not deny.[Read More]

U.S. to withdraw 12,000 American troops from Germany (CBS News)

The U.S. will withdraw 12,000 troops from Germany, shifting forces to other NATO countries in Europe, Defense Secretary Mark Esper announced on Wednesday. This will decrease the U.S. troop presence in Germany from roughly 36,000 to 24,000. [Read More]

Max Minute: CBS News Poll Says 70% Of Americans Would Wait To Get COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Wouldn’t Get One At All (CBS NY)

Some encouraging news and some sobering news about a COVID-19 vaccine, when might one be available – and will people actually take it?

In his latest Max Minute report, CBS2’s Dr. Max Gomez has the details about a coronavirus vaccine.

Virtually since the beginning of the pandemic five months ago, much of America has hung its hopes on a coronavirus vaccine to beat the pandemic and get back to some version of normal life. And while some vaccine candidates may be getting closer, a new poll questions whether people will even take a COVID-19 vaccine. [Read More]



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