Ann Coulter, Mike Gonzalez, Lee Holland, Mark Smith & Kimblyn Persaud on The Larry O’Connor Show 07.31.2020

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Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) pressed Anthony Fauci with a series of combative questions on Friday, asking him whether the government should limit protests to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Jordan, a close ally of President Trump and member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, drilled down on Fauci at a House hearing, echoing an argument often made by conservatives that there is a double standard when liberals and some public health experts support widespread Black Lives Matter protests, which bring together thousands of people, but push for restrictions on other gatherings like those at churches. [Read More]

The Plot to Change America: How Identity Politics is Dividing the Land of the Free (Amazon)

The Plot to Change America exposes the myths that help identity politics perpetuate itself. This book reveals what has really happened, explains why it is urgent to change course, and offers a strategy to do so. Though we should not fool ourselves into thinking that it will be easy to eliminate identity politics, we should not overthink it, either. Identity politics relies on the creation of groups and then on giving people incentives to adhere to them. If we eliminate group making and the enticements, we can get rid of identity politics. [Read More]


“Karen” and “Becky” are two neologisms with opposite meanings for the enjoyable life. Here’s your field guide.

Karen: a person, often a white woman, who feels entitled to lecture perfect strangers about their behavior.

Synonyms: “Co-op Board President”; “Hillary Clinton”; “Portland ‘Moms’”

Becky: a white woman who calls the police on a suspicious black male.

Synonyms: “Still alive”; “Breathing” [Read More]

Lodge 35’s response to the passage of Council Bill 27-20 (Montgomery County FOP Lodge 35)

Yesterday, under an extremely flawed, closed-door process, the County Council passed Expedited Bill 27-20, which creates an untenable and dangerous legal framework, making it extremely difficult to protect the health and safety of law enforcement, while also protecting the public.

Despite pledges by the the County Council to protect the collective bargaining rights of employees, to include the 1200 police officers of Lodge 35, all nine members of the County Council voted to errode those collective bargaining rights of police officers, approving Expedited Bill 27-20, over the repeated suggestions, collaborative recommendations, of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 35, which cautioned the Council of the harm that the bill would cause to both law enforcement and the public, if Expedited Bill 27-20 were to become law.[Read More]

 Nine Districts For MoCo Is Demanding Fair Representation For All (

Nine Districts for MoCo is a nonpartisan ballot committee formed by Montgomery County, Maryland, residents concerned that the outdated structure of the county council is denying fair and equitable representation to all residents of the county.

The committee was established in 2019 to place a citizens charter amendment on the Nov. 3, 2020, general election ballot so voters can decide on the structure of their county council. [Read More]

Dozens Of Former “Ellen Show” Employees Say Executive Producers Engaged In Rampant Sexual Misconduct And Harassment (Buzzfeed)

Being asked to join the control room inside The Ellen DeGeneres Show is a coveted spot in Hollywood, but according to dozens of men and women who work behind the scenes, the office is a place where sexual harassment and misconduct by top executive producers runs rampant.

One ex-employee said head writer and executive producer Kevin Leman asked him if he could give him a hand job or perform oral sex in a bathroom at a company party in 2013. Another said they separately saw Leman grab a production assistant’s penis. [Read More]



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